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Where mid 20's lads should head?


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Just after a bit of advice.  My two lads are coming over in a couple of weeks for what will be their first visit to Perth.

I'm going to take them to the usual tourist places but I also want them to get a feel of what Perth nightlife is like.  They aren't going to want dad cramping their style so just wondered where I should send a couple of single lads in their mid 20's.

Ideally somewhere relatively safe as they won't know their way around 😊.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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As much as I love the scenary in Perth I found it was too quiet in midweek when I visited, It comes alive at the weekend I thought. . . May I recommend The Globe bar which was lively on the Saturday night

The Avairy was worth a visit but ques to get in on Saturday nights and only serve schooners

I enjoyed the Lucky Shag for beers by the river to start the weekend.

A visit to Mister Walker restaurant South Perth always worth a visit overlooking the swan river (can catch a boat to it from elizabeth quay)

I would also suggest a train journey down to Freo aswell if they are in a bit of a rut with it being quiet in Perth. Seems alot more going on with pubs/bars in walking distance of each other

Ronnie Nights always lively Fridays/Saturdays, The Ball & Chain, Norfolk hotel and The Local plus its got great beaches

Also depending what music they like tell him to follow TRST on instagram/facebook its my friends house music/jazz brand that he started. Normally plays at the FREO Social or si paradiso in Perth at the weekend.

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