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  1. You could expect to earn between $30 -$40 hour.
  2. Construction industry

    The norm would be 7 - 3.30pm / 8 - 4.30pm give or take half an hour but obviously some firms may want people to do more hours but not all. On the mines different kettle of fish regarding hours though.
  3. At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    I can't help you with the work situation but your not going mad, the social life thing I totally get. I am from a good social circle in the uk but find it very private here ( been here 17 yrs ) it may or may not happen , who knows?? But I would definitely give it longer if you feel you can all cope.
  4. Mullaloo beach is a about 8 mins away and has a nice beach and area for young kids to play - straight up ocean reef rd or whitfords av to the coast you should get signs for it.
  5. 2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Go to the poms in oz site and send a message to " Iron chef ". Very knowledgeable on imports, values etc.
  6. Anyone live in Yanchep?

    Basically as stated already, about 20 - 25 mins. Very quiet up there.
  7. bricklaying in Perth advice !!!

    l will give same advise for you 2 lads who not got much experience, if you do come here get a brickie labourer job and then show the guy that you want to be a brickie then you will get the experience you need very quickly and it does ya boss a favour because you're doing 2 or the price of 1 but obviously the better you get then you will get paid more labourer $180 day brickie $300+ day. Don't waste your time blagging it you will only lose a chance to learn from someone when you get found out in 5 minutes. Good luck
  8. Bit slow at the moment but if you are very good then once you got a start you would probably have no issues getting work, rates are $280 - $320 day I am in building game and have no problems getting work because I am in the very good category but at same time I am established here so not that immediate need for work that you would probably have so it's tricky for you, pricey place to be with no job.................if you do come out get the wed and Saturday paper for jobs and get on gumtree also,and come out October/November when weather picks up -
  9. We went thru a similar thing - lived in Perth got bored, lived in uk gfc, back to Perth and thought no way would We leave, fast forward 7 yrs and now want to go back uk!!! Just do want you need to do and do it well so there are no excuses, at the end of the day you can return to the uk if it not work out.
  10. I have been in Perth a long time and still don't have any close friends it's just the way it is here.......even my Aussie partner who has spent considerable time with me and my friends in the uk says socially Perth is a very private/awkward place. I am quite sure there are sociable and open people here but good luck bumping into them lol