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  1. Wa7

    are folks still emigrating ?

    Nothing passive aggressive about it. Little surprised you haven’t noticed the downturn.
  2. Wa7

    are folks still emigrating ?

    My “ network “ is not limited to one particular industry and I personally am doing fine in Perth/WA but I can still see outside of my own personal circumstances and realise things are far from great here.
  3. Wa7

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I know plenty Anything construction related is having a hard time ( and has been for the last 2yrs at least )
  4. Wa7

    house deposit ?

    $500k kallaroo = no chance or a dump that you will then have to spend big on. More chance of something in beldon or padbury although could be small and/or dated also. Maybe look at craigie as well ? Buyers market at the moment but imo that will change in next 12 months. More deposit the better, banks have also tightened up here.
  5. Wa7

    what to do ?

    Holy moly Well 14yrs old is probably the worst age to move him ( esp when he's not interested) You may need to wait until he is older and take it from there ( he may have a change of mind ) otherwise you go, he stays or you all stay. Terrible predicament to be in but I feel that in long run you may have to stay in uk atleast until his schooling is finished, unless you are happy to deal with the potential consequences of taking him over ( only you guys know what the reaction will be ) Best wishes
  6. I'm not a plasterer but have you looked on gumtree yet ? What suburb do you live in ? if you are north of river get out and about around banksia grove, alkimos, butler, jindalee ( plasterers will be in these areas on new houses ) if you are south look around harrisdale. $25 - $35 hour is about it at the moment Even do a search on builders display homes ( Dale Alcock, Ventura, Blueprint Homes etc) because around the display homes there tends to be building activity
  7. Hello Al If you live near Wanneroo or Carramar there a couple of golf courses nearby where you will meet loads of fellas like yourself. Good luck
  8. Wa7

    Commutable Suburbs

    Read my reply slowly. I am referring to them being fresh off the plane, not you. Canning Vale doesn't have the reputation of the 3 suburbs I mentioned.
  9. Wa7

    Commutable Suburbs

    Maybe once they have lived here for a year or three and have a better understanding of the suburbs ( I presume they are new to perth ) but fresh off the plane................. Canning vale could be a good place to rent first and get a feel for everything.
  10. Wa7

    Commutable Suburbs

  11. You could expect to earn between $30 -$40 hour.
  12. Wa7

    Construction industry

    The norm would be 7 - 3.30pm / 8 - 4.30pm give or take half an hour but obviously some firms may want people to do more hours but not all. On the mines different kettle of fish regarding hours though.
  13. Wa7

    At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    I can't help you with the work situation but your not going mad, the social life thing I totally get. I am from a good social circle in the uk but find it very private here ( been here 17 yrs ) it may or may not happen , who knows?? But I would definitely give it longer if you feel you can all cope.
  14. Mullaloo beach is a about 8 mins away and has a nice beach and area for young kids to play - straight up ocean reef rd or whitfords av to the coast you should get signs for it.
  15. Wa7

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Go to the poms in oz site and send a message to " Iron chef ". Very knowledgeable on imports, values etc.