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802/101/102 Visa - Adopted Sons


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Hi all, 

Hubby and I are dual citizens with Australia and UK and are in the process of moving back to Australia as soon as the adoption is approved for our 2 foster sons. We are looking for advise around the visa needed I am led to believe there area couple which will give them permanence but can take months to be approved, or the 802 visa which they would need to be in the country prior to applying. I have contacted a couple of migration agents and awaiting their guidance and help, just wondered if anyone had previously had to deal with this discriminatory red tape. It seems because they are not our sons by blood then it seems a lot harder and different routes to go to and because the UK is not part of the 13 country's listed as accepted then they do not qualify for citizenship? 

We are very wary of the time frames and want our boys to have the best chance in life and give them a brighter future. They are 12 and nearly 16.

Can we move back as soon as the adoption is approved whilst waiting for the sub visa or whatever it is be approved? Or would we need to remain in the UK until it is all granted? 

Many thanks 


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