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Mobile Mechanic's positions

Guest ian2607

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Guest ian2607

Hi All


Does any one know of any mobile mechanic's that have made the move (ie AA RAC CONTRACTOR uk) I am asking as I am thinking of making the move but still not decided 100% any help would be very helpful re jobs etc........



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Hi Ian


My OH is a motor mechanic and we came on a skilled visa, he has never worked here on cars and now works on Mining Equipment trucks (as he wanted a change). There are companies such as RAC and there is also a very popular chain of mobile mechanics called Lube Mobile that carry out services etc at peoples work places they are always looking for people if your wanting to stay working on cars etc.


If you look on www.seek.com.au there are usually jobs on there but I would say that alot of other roles such as Diesel Mechanics or Truck mechanics etc all look for light vehicle mechanics as they know that the good bones of the roles are there, and they will provide training etc. Even places like Caterpillar look for light vehicle mechanics as well who want to make the shift into HD Mechanics. The company that my partner works for have alot of LV mechanics who have made the switch.


My OH had been a car mechanic for over 10 years and was looking for a new challenge and I would say that Perth is a great place to do so!


Good Luck


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