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helping my girlfriend with employment searching

Guest biwirustla

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Guest biwirustla

Hey people,


Im currently trying to gain some info regarding helping my girlfriend to gain suitable employment for the impending arrival to perth. I am currently completing the partner migration visa application with her!!


She currently works for a bank as a customer advisor and is working her way up through the tier 1,2,3 etc training, she hasnt been there very long but would like to give the banking section a try,


are there similar requirements for working the banks there??

will she be able to work there, baring in mind the partner migration visa is granted on a temporary basis to begin with or can it only be on a permanent residence visa????

We've both noticed the banks in aus ask for tier 1,2,3 etc training, is this the same training she is currently getting from her bank???





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Guest perthmigrantsx

Hi, we have been in Perth for 4 months now and there seems to be a lot of customer service advisor type roles in banking advertised. Try www.seek.co.au I'm not sure of the requirements, but I understand she will be able to apply on a temporary visa. We came over as a family on my Husband's 457 visa and I can work although you are limited as to jobs you can apply for. Most will say if you need to have pr before you apply though. Good luck!

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