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  1. Mad Cow

    Against the rules

    The cat sat on the mat
  2. Mad Cow

    Are you coming in winter?

    ​Too true R! We have a gas heater for the evenings! And rugs to sit watching tv! I love the fact that we can go to the beach in winter, to walk, and then have a heater on at night to keep us warm!
  3. Mad Cow

    Suburbs to avoid!

    Woodvale or Duncraig are good areas!
  4. Mad Cow

    Are you coming in winter?

    Ok, I like the temps at the mo here! Bout 25 deg ish! Love the summer but nice to sleep at the mo! My question is if you're coming in the winter will it be warm enough for you? Just remember, it does get hot hot hot here so hang in there! We landed in feb 2008 and it was boiling! Although, I remember the first winter here we were hot when others were cold so I guess you'll be ok? Lol! Anyhow, pack your woolies for the evenings!
  5. Mad Cow

    health care how does it work

    I work in healthcare so I'm an avid fan of it lol! Medicare usually covers you for most things. However, depending on your sons condition if and when you apply for pr it just might be worth looking into private health insurance? I'm no expert but if its just a check up once a year it doesn't sound that expensive? So may not be a problem when you apply for pr? Just ask away as I'm sure we can answer your queries.
  6. Mad Cow

    Anyone in Perth have any boxes?

    Got a few from work but packing stuff ourselves ready for the house build, soz!
  7. Mad Cow

    28 y/o girl looking for some mates!

    Hi welcome to pp! Sorry to hear about your probs. hope you get some friends on here!
  8. Mad Cow

    Goodbye hangovers oh iam rough

    Take some water with it next time lol!
  9. Mad Cow

    Yeeha just got the Visa.

  10. Mad Cow

    Nurses Thread!

    Hi bouncy, yes the points are for years of service so you would prob be a 1.9 as that is the highest, after that it would be 2.1 I believe which is a clinical nurse, maybe equiv of a sister in the uk. And it goes on.
  11. Mad Cow

    Speeding fines

    Lol! At least you didn't blame the cops? Some do!
  12. Mad Cow

    Visa granted

  13. Mad Cow


    Pmsl! Nice one. Yeah I read about that!
  14. Mad Cow

    Newbie Help (Mother-in-law)

    Hi, not an expert on visas I'm afraid! But there are a couple of members that will come along and assist.
  15. Mad Cow

    dyson buy uk or wait

    Dysons are good! Had ours for over seven years never fails me!