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EOI 189 or 190 visa for Scientist in WA


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Hello everyone


I have been in my occupation 8 years (Medical Laboratory Scientist) and have a MSc. My job is on the Skilled Occupation List. I am unable to submit an EOI because my skills have not been assessed. Has anyone found this? Can it be by passed by an agent? I want to press ahead, preferably without paying an agent but everything seems to take so long. If i could submit a visa and await the findings from the body and undergo medical exam would be so much better.


Many thanks



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A skills assessment is a prerequisite to submitted an EOI for 189 and 190. Have a look on the occupations list and it will tell you who the assessing authority is for your profession.


The skills assessment is the hardest part. For me it was anyway.


Good luck.

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Hello Kirsty, unfortunately you must go through the assessment process.

If there was a quick and easier way, everybody would take it and the lag would have been the same. Everybody must follow a certain route. For example I must wait 3 months for my medicals to be finalized, when the period was 2 weeks in the past. It is very difficult for me to wait, but I sow people that are waiting from 2010.

I keep telling myself that patience is a virtue...Good luck

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