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we need to make friends in cannington area

Guest dianealton

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Guest dianealton

hi all. We are Diane and Paul from Darlington in North East uk. We have been here since July 2012, and still m=to make a friend. (awww)

We are both on a student visa and therefore limited on hours of work. I have just been laid off (great start!) from Mothercare, and Paul is studying Plastering at Silver Trowel, and also works as a traffic controller, when he gets work.

I (Diane) have JUST turned 40 (eeek) and my hubby, is 35, yes i know, a little toyboy, but hey, i look younger than him! lol.

We also have a child eating killer dog, who would trash the house as soon as we shut our eyes. NOT! We ahve had a few dogs in our lives, and never have we come across a softer dog than this. She really does jump at her own shadow occasionally, and is just a playful dog.

We are looking to meet any kind of people, preferably with a dog, so then Roxy can make new friends also.

As for us, we dont really get out much coz its either too hot (for the dog, and Di) and there is nowhere to go around here anyway. We are considering buying a car, but dont want to waste money as Diane is struggling big time here (lack of work, house, dog haters!, and lack of money) We have a nice house back home, and also we are still employed by Royal Mail, so its easy to go back. We are hoping to make new friends so we can get out of this house and just socialize.

Paul doesnt drink, and Di has the occasional glass fo wine, or 10!.

We arnt weirdo's. We dont judge people. We are pretty easy to get along with, and Diane is a gob ****e anyway, and will talk to the lamp post if it shows interest.

Hope to hear from loads and loads of ya. Just meet up sometimes, have a barbie, a couple of drinks etc. Just interaction would be good.

Thanks for reading my post.

feel free to pm us (Dianes nickname, and will tell you if you ask! lol):smile:

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