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Adding family to my 457 visa

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I'm the holder of a 457 visa and would like to add my children & defacto partner as secondary applicants to my visa. I have contacted my employer but for some reason he seems to be delaying the process of permission to add them to my visa. All he has to do is sign a form giving permission (which I've supplied). He emailed me back suggesting "his friend" as an agent (who now sends me lots of unwanted spam emails) and he also does insurance apparently. I have an agent in place, whom was extremely helpful with getting me here, and I remain in contact with and I already have insurance in place. Has anyone else come across this problem and could I get the Australian immigration agency to look into this? It almost seems like he is under the impression that my visa is his and it feels like I'm being held to ransome. I've been very reasonable so far in my responses despite my increasing worries. Any advice would be good.:confused:

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Without your employer giving permission to also being their sponsors, there is not much you can do. Your sponsor is financially responsible for paying to leave Australia if sponsorship ends. It is not as blank and white as you think.


To be honest, it is his sponsorship and nomination, and not much you can do apart from find a new sponsor, this is the down fall of the 457 visa.

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