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Arriving Thursday


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Hi guys


well i arrive on Thursday from accepting a job in the animal welfare sector in a senior position, i was offered the job 2 weeks as from this Friday,so i have been very busy LOL! i have been in Adelaide since July 2012 unemployed but doing voluntary work for a wildlife park. Determination and accepting changes all helps to a migration so try not to dig your feet to deep into the ground, keep an open mind for the first couple of years at least and it will pay.


My husband is staying on in Adelaide for a further few weeks as he finally got a job in January and works away more often than not, also we need the money to keep coming in at this moment in time, but again sacrifices have to be made if you want to succeed.


I have a job that i am very skilled within and it is also my passion, not very well paid but that is charity work for you, but i am not in it for the money more of a rewarding job, however i am relocating to a state that was one of the first options strangely, so it has has all worked out in the end for me and my family, the kids are happy about the move too.


My eldest daughter is completing a cert 3 in police studies at Adelaide TAFE and she is doing very well, so this was a worry about the completion, with some communication with the senior Lecturer she has arranged with the other lecturers for her to complete via e mail and online, the Senior Lecturer as my daughter found out is actually from Perth and has friends who lecture in Joondalup TAFE who she is going to contact for my daughter to complete her exams with one of the Joondalup lecturers, unreal LOL


we haven't felt the benefits of the migration as yet but i have a good gut feeling in a few months time when all the expense of finding what is right for us as a family settles down i am sure this will turn around for us too.


So keep your chin up when you first migrate and remember with the right frame of mind it will work out in the end. :smile: .



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