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education for my 14 year old

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Guest cmtranter



we were wondering if anybody has some advice. Our situation at the moment is this- it's looking as though my husband may be offered a job in Perth ready to start as soon as 457 visas are obtained, we are currently in the UK, the employers state we could be looking at relocating in approx 3 months.


Our son will be turning 15 in May this year and is currently in year 10 and has already started his GCSE's. I have done a bit of research re education and if i am correct it means that if we leave in june/july he will continue year 10 until Feb 2014 when he will then start year 11, can anybody confirm this please? I would also like to know what the equivelant to GCSE's are and what year they begin studying for them in Oz? I have noticed that some schools have only years 8-10 and then others 11 and 12 but then some schools do from kindy right through to yr12, does this mean that years 11 and 12 are not compulsory in Oz?


Lastly if anybody lives in or has any connections with people in the Mandurah area i would be really grateful of opinions on schools in that area Primary and Secondary, i have looked to see if the schools are rated officially like Ofsted in the UK but can't find any info.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers Mel and Chris. chatterbox.gif

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