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Going to perth health insurance etc


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Im heading over to perth end of may and wanted to ask you guys more about meicare and how its works,so if you need to see a doctor,go to hospital etc you pay for the treatments etc and i think get some of it back from medicare right?


So do you take out a health insurance and if so why,what are the benifits of having this,in regards to this what does it cover,is there different options and does this include ambulance cover,dental etc or do you have to get these on there own.


I believe i need to get travel insurance for my trip over but would need to look into getting medicare and the health insurance etc and have no idea where to look or start and looking for a little more info,there will be myself,wife and at the time of travel 9 month old.

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Have a read through this thread from last week. http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/health-care/10579-what-can-i-claim-back-medicare-457-a.html


Medicare link to what it is all about and what you claim. http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/health-care/10579-what-can-i-claim-back-medicare-457-a.html


A typical private health care provider to see what is on offer and the costs. http://www.hbf.com.au/health-insurance/


Once you have read the thread, and know what visa you are coming here on, then you can sort out what you need to do. Private health care is as good as what you pay for in essence and you can have as little or as much as you want by the way of services on your policy. Note if you choose not to have health cover, a lot of us do not, then you can take out separate dental and ambo cover comes with that on some policies. Health cover is all about risk as it is with all types of insurance.

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We've been here 6 months and both my wife and I have needed medical treatment (frozen shoulder and foot infection). We've stuck with medicare and found it great, typically we've seen a doctor the same day, and lynn had scans and injections within a few days. Find a doctor with Bulk Billing and they bill Mediare direct so you arent out of pocket.


Overall good as NHS so far.



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so how easy or hard is it to get a doctor with bulk billing to they take new people into the country,is it as easy as that,surely all people would want to get or find a bulk billing doctor and until we get there and find an area we want to move to then,what would we need to look for,or how do you know who is one etc

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