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Estimating / project managing

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Does anyone work as an estimator, if so what was it like to get a job ???


Were moving over in January on the wife's visa (all gone through - thankfully), currently I have my own business and lately have started to get involved in project managing large (£1m +) individual renovations. This has opened my eyes up to a potential new career over in Aus.


I have really enjoyed dealing with contractors, getting quotes and watching the buildings come together. I have just enrolled on a Prince2 course and am looking at what courses i would need to get an estimating job ....


All feedback would be very welcome



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We are moving over this month and my husband is an estimator so we can let you know.


From what you have written it sounds like you have not done estimating before, just project management? I could be wrong but i dont think you would be able to get an estimating job unless it was an entry level one. My OH has over 7 uears experience, has done QS and Building surveying too and we are looking at entry level roles for him to get the all important local experience.


a lot of estimating jobs in perth seem to be for civils too and massive budgets of 50 million and up, so if you havent had that level of experience i wouldnt get too hopeful.


Just my opinion tho x

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