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proof of no claims for car insrance and search engine for car insurance


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When it comes to moving to australia i hear that having proof of no claims for insurance here in the uk comes in handy for cheaper insurance is this correct does it make a difference to what your quote?When you say proof of no claims is this what is on your policy if it says this or do you need to write to your insurance company asking for a letter with proof.The only problem is im still using them and i still have my car,so until i get my car sold or until i cancel my insurance will i still be able to get this letter if this is what i need?


Also when im taking about car insurance,is there search engines where you enter your details,car etc etc and get quoted something like confused here in the uk as it would be a nightmare trying and calling all the insurance companys in oz getting prices,so if any site i can search high to low i would like to know this in advance

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Hi I can't give you all the answers but I can help.


In terms of no claims in the end we didnt bother. I know it sounds strange, but the claims culture following accidents isnt as prolific here as in the UK, and also you get 3rd party insurance as part of your road tax (called Rego) so again insurance compaines arent trying to recover that cost from those who pay. Overall for a large family car (Ford Falcon) then the different between having no claims and none was only about $100/yr, and not everyone would take UK no claims anyway, so we didnt bother.


There are comparison sites here (ratecity is one) but nowhere near as previlant as the UK.


Hope that helps.



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