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shippers doing a survey/quotes questions to ask them etc?


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[h=5]This may have been asked a few times on here but i have arranged for some shippers to give me a survey next week,what i want to know is,is there anything i need to ask them,as in whats included in the costs,do they give you a note of costs in detail and what extras there might be to add,if so what could these extra costs be,i take they give you time to think about it,as i have read that many get quotes and then haggle and pick which one they want.

When they normally give you a quote etc i take the insurance is extra,well i would probably not get there insurance,so i take i would not have to take this and it would not be added to the quote price just added as extras when they quote you.

Im sure i read about extra payments incase your container needs cleaned,something new people have found out about and something that not all of them dont offer yet for a small payment they offer you this and if not taken cost be costly.What shippers have this?

Im just wanting to be ready with questions to ask them so i know im covered with most things involved in shipping your stuff.Does my stuff get stored in oz if say we dont have a rental,is this extra,added or part of the costs?

Like to they dismantle your stuff as part of the price,most of mine is already flat packed but one or two small items might need it,do they unpack your items in oz and if so is this extra as not all items i will want unpacked as some items are still new from being flat packed and some of the items cause of being in a rental maybe not able to use as in pictures etc i take your not allowed to hang stuff up in a rental?

But i could maybe have them unpack stuff i do want right?And i believe they unload perth end.

I would probably want them to unload into say garage in oz, well the boxed stuff anyway and we go through them at our leasure and any large items into house.

what did most of you do when your stuff arrived,did you unpack all items?

Any hints and tips or info that would be usefull to ask them or know about before they came would be great.Also just say they quote a 40ft container and its only partly filled not full if i have more stuff i can take will it be more to take this stuff or cause im being quoted on a 40ft container it be the same?Let just say i have a few sculptures i been selling but im not going to be able to sell them before i go,so it was leave them in the uk and have someone ship them for me,while im in oz and sell them from over there,or would i be best adding them to my container,they are worth a bit but not a great deal,but it is money and things i can sell when im over there.Im just unsure if to say 20 extra boxes for example are also coming or leave them behind. I take the go by volume?so is it the more stuff you take inside a container the more it costs right?I will have a lot of furniture but also a lot of little things as well that sure takes up space.[/h]

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