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  1. Hello everyone I'm a qualified electrician from Scotland and in the early stages of my visa process ( currently gathering evidence of work history etc ) Has anyone done the skills test in London recently or remember much from it? Is it all multiple choice? Are the examiners pretty fair? Also has anyone got a diagram they used for the dol starter motor? Not done this since college so a little rusty Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Tony
  2. tonyboy

    Electrical Skills Assessment

    Hi Lou Lou do you still have that diagram of the dol starter motor
  3. No its fine very stormy i appreciate and welcome all feedback Yeah i totally agree with you to a certain extent i do believe however the climate etc would make a huge difference ( with me being from Scotland ) Don't get me wrong i do love Scotland but we have looked at emigrating for quite some time now and feel Australia has more to offer us as a family There must be a reason why oz cities keep ranking so highly too Can i ask what made you make the move and if you feel it has been the right choice for you and your family
  4. That's good to hear everything has worked out for you guys it certainly seems like you have made the right choice Aw that's very thoughtful im sure he will love it - possibly not the weather though :-) Where about it WA are you based if you don't mind me asking
  5. Hi very stormy- thanks for your comment i will keep this in mind I think having the weekends together would be nice as i currently work away from home half the year but i appreciate your comment - always good to gather as much info as possible Hi rossmoyne - yeah I've heard that from a few people.. Hopefully by the time we move things will have improved - failing that we will look elsewhere In Australia but i totally agree now would not be the best time Hi Ali - that sounds really positive and exactly what we are after, i do not mind putting in longer hours aslong as we have weekends etc together for family time One thing we don't want is to look back in regret at the chances we didnt take and Australia certainly seems to offer a better future for children etc Thanks to you all for your kind replies Tony
  6. Hi Ali Thank you for your reply No we don't have visas at the moment however i have been keeping an eye on the changes, still at the early stages so just doing as much groundwork as possible Yeah having savings for the first half of the year is the plan anyway so hopefully with a bit of luck i will have some kind of job before then ( heres hoping ) That's brilliant you have more time as a family that's the whole idea behind our move and its reassuring to see that this is possible
  7. Hello everyone Looking for some kind advice from people that have been in a similar situation to us. We are from Scotland and are soon to be a family of 3 with our little one making an arrival end of October :-) I am 28, i have been a qualified electrician for about 8 years now an have been currently working offshore for the past couple of years. My partner is 26 and a nursery nurse an has been doing this for a few years also. My partner has travelled Australia for a couple of years previous to us getting together and i have looked at Australia for the last 10 years and we have decided between us that we would love to give it a go down under Due to my trade i will be working the first year in oz basically on apprentice wages until i get my A License and my partner will be caring for the baby We will be looking to come over with between £35k - £40ksavings With working currently offshore you miss enough going on at home as it is never mind all the precious moments of the baby growing up so i will not be looking to continue this in Australia as we want to spend as much family time together as possible and have weekends etc together Due to this reason i also don't see the point in me working Monday to Friday and my partner working nights through the week it would completely defeat the purpose of family time, at least for the first year or so anyway Has anyone been in a similar position with being a family of 3 and making ends meet on one wage and savings? Is it really achievable? We would be looking to rent until we found our feet and got stable work etc and would be budgeting around $500 pw rent for somewhere nice with a pool We realise this isn't going to be a walk in the park and will be alot of hard work but we are really looking forward to the challenges ahead and life is far too short for regrets Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post lol Tony
  8. Hello everyone hope your all doing well! im looking for advice on getting started with all the different steps towards transferring my skills across to the australian standards. Am i right in saying that you first have to get your trade recognised then from there go fo the wa licence? If anyone has been through this and can spare the time to note down what you done step by step I'd really appreciate it. Also are you better doing all this before you even apply for a visa? Really quite clueless about this so apologies in advance. I have also passed my compEX 01-04 exam which enables me to work in hazardous areas ie oil and gas field, can this be transferred also? My partner is a prison officer and also looking to continue this role over in australia. Any help would be welcome, also a rough cost of doing all this would be great. Thanks in advance guys Have a nice weekend :-)