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    Schools in Perth

    Also remember a few schools have only been recently been built so they do not appear on the stats list etc . My personal experiance you can't really tell until you walk around the school and see for yourself if your child will be able to work hard and work to their upmost potential .
  2. brideycollette

    A date for your Diaries :)

    :wubclub:as a few of you know im animal mad( well dogs lol ) On the 10th of Dec the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park Christmas can be a bit of a lonely time for our dogs and so each year we try to give them something a little special to help get them through the festive season. For the second year, City Farmers have come on board and will have a Wishing Tree in each of their stores where you can purchase and leave a special little gift for a dog at the Refuge. City Farmers have been such an amazing support to the Refuge over the years that we just can't say how thankful we are for their involvement with the Refuge. They are absolutely amazing and we urge everyone to get down to their local store to support them. Also, as part of our festive activities, we have award winning photographer, Alex Cearns from Houndstooth Studio in our Santa's grotto on Saturday, 10th December from 10.30am to take photos of your pooch with our very own Santa Paws. This will be running as part of our In the Doghouse fundraiser with BHP Billiton and all funds raised will support our BHP volunteers going into the doghouse. So, pop into your local City Farmers store to purchase a special something for one of Perth's lost and abandoned dogs and get down to the Refuge with your own pooch on Saturday, 10th December! :wubclub:Brides ( hopefully i can help next year lol )
  3. Just wondering if anyone is a Volunteer for greenpeace in Perth ? :wubclub:Just trying to touch base with any fellow GPERS Brides x
  4. brideycollette

    Do you find that your friends become a little distant ?

    Lovely post ..thankyou ! x
  5. brideycollette

    Do you find that your friends become a little distant ?

    i can do a sigh of relief now..... im not that nutty then lol ! I guess as people said time will tell , as long as we all have our immediate family with us thats all that matters x
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    :wubclub:Congrats , now the fun begins !
  7. brideycollette


    :wubclub:i will get one of the sweet children sat near the xmas tree all i need to do is find some sweet children lol
  8. brideycollette

    :) when did you contact shippers

    dear me what are they like lol , Eddie has a toy santa he has had since he was a pup so nearly 13 years old julius ( little son ) is bringing it in his suitcase we are just going to say he chewed it lol !
  9. brideycollette

    I'm in Love !

    although had to laugh at me and the MR both sat in bed reading our kindles ... we just turn't and laughed at each next thing hot choc in bed
  10. :wubclub:To the wise ones in perth......... To pack lunch or not to pack lunch that is the question Whats the school meals like ? my children always have pack lunch in the UK , ie fruit , veg ( my children are demons for small sweetcorn , brocc and carrots in their lunch boxes ) are children frowned at having school lunch or even pack lunch ?
  11. brideycollette

    I'm in Love !

    Yep she will !
  12. brideycollette

    Do you find that your friends become a little distant ?

    :rolleyes:thankgod , it has even been quiet on FB , only the new aussie friends are commenting lol I thought maybe it was because i go on and on and on and on ( you know the thing lol ) about oz so i stopped then they started to ask about it lol ! :wubclub:maybe we are ALL sorting our heads out for the move . eek 3 weeks ( congrats..... how exciting !)
  13. This maybe just me because im rushing around and trying to organise things for the oz move , but have you noticed that your close friends seem to be a little distant ? I know some are hurting that we are going ..they know this is the right thing for us to do as a family . :sad:wheres my flags and bunting saying byeeeeeee we will miss you ( ok im not going yet lol ) Seriously though they have all seemed to have ran away its like a tumble weed moment
  14. brideycollette

    :) when did you contact shippers

    :wink:Thanks for that , i will ring this week lol
  15. brideycollette

    I'm in Love !

    :smile:Its so simple ! :wink:some of the free older books are great too ! I'm sure she could do it fine , im thinking of getting my mum one for xmas she has only one working arm , so holding a book becomes a pain ...... she used mine today and she hates comps , but she coped and downloaded a few for me lol