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  1. jackboots

    What's your happy song?

    Stereophonics .. Have nice day REM shiny happy people ... The smurf song ..la la la .. La la la sing a happy song !! ( haha ) ooh California dreaming
  2. jackboots

    Public Holiday Monday ...

    And sleep ins !! Yayyyy
  3. jackboots

    Cost of putting a pool in

    We have ordered from freedom pools , in o'conner . 6x3 inclu of everything bar fencing/paving / landscaping ..we got in the winter when they have their sales ..as we're building we didn't need right now just over 17,000 . With WA buy everything like aircon opposite time time of the year to save $
  4. jackboots

    Real estate agent fees??

    We have just paid 14,000 to sell our house that was fixed as it was an offer made to us from the real estate agent at that time . Sold within a week ... Most quoted 2.8 to 3% . I nearly fainted !! Sorry but I don't think selling warrants that amount , please feel free to put me right any real estate agents on here then we had settlement agents fees on top rates etc .( land tax we paid when we bought our land last year ) because we are building , not buying established .you pay on both the house and the land when you sell and buy a house again . so we are in a holiday rental for three weeks until we move in to our new build ....
  5. jackboots

    Singapore hotels and apartments

    We have just booked the Holiday Inn . Look up on trip adviser, it's a really good app
  6. jackboots

    Childrens Vaccinations

    My daughter was vaccinated here . Registered at the doctors and made the appointment . They just add it all in to their red book history I brought over . Easy as
  7. jackboots

    Day Care/Kindy/School

    I'm a bit confused by these graphs , the school my daughter attends only opened last year for the age group given and is definitely pink . It is also known as a good school ? I have friends whose children are thriving in the SH schools . I have looked at that website before and do believe some teachers don't hit the mark with certain children , does it mean they are a bad teacher ? Or just they are not on the same wavelength ? When we were younger you just went to the catchment area school and got on with it ( a rural village for me ) , our children are lucky that we try to put them in schools and area's that we feel will better them
  8. jackboots

    Holiday lets

    Thank you all , we have just booked in with them too
  9. jackboots

    Holiday lets

    Can anyone recommend a holiday lease/let here in perth please ? I can only think of Stayz
  10. jackboots

    Which Cake?

  11. jackboots

    Which Cake?

    Haha. , isn't lobby Stew ? Odies. Ate from near Staffordshire ? I was talking to a friend the day about this exact same phrase , we got started on cobs , buns and rolls
  12. jackboots

    Which Cake?

    Any ... As long as it has chocolate in it , on it or with it !
  13. jackboots

    What coffee do you do??

    Coffee has to be ... Latte mid am .. Mocha pm before mid day it's strictly tea .. Assam bold. About ten cups :ssign6:
  14. jackboots

    Avatar piccy

    Is it pingu island ?
  15. Have you checked Gumtree or the west Australian for adds ?