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  1. michaelr

    Two weeks in

    Hi , omg we have only been here since Wednesday and hit so many brick walls ! Have questioned why! So many times it's unreal !!!! Been told it's all normal ! Don't help u feel any better though!!
  2. michaelr

    We're Here!

    Sounds great! That will be us in a few weeks time !! We haven't sorted a rental yet !! Who did u use ?
  3. michaelr

    Sold stc

    We have our house on the market and have just had an offer so your a bit infront of us ! Hope all goes well
  4. michaelr

    Meadow springs

    We are also looking at jtc as our son is 16 ! It's a minefield and not sure which colleges to choose!!! What is supposed to be wrong with john tonkin ?
  5. michaelr

    Schools and areas for a 16 yo lad

    Completely unsure of good schools and areas to live / rent in ! Help !!!!
  6. michaelr

    Secret Harbour

    We have also looked at this are and have heard good things ! Going out in 3 weeks so will go and see for ourselves
  7. my wife is on thyroxin and wondered if you are eligible for free perscriptions as you are in the uk? any info guys
  8. michaelr

    places to rent or buy in

    What's wrong with secret harbour then ?
  9. My son will be nearly 17 when we arrive and wants to attend college studying science ! He is looking into becoming a science teacher or marine biologist ! Any advice on colleges which are good in these areas ! We haven't decided on a area to live yet as we feel this May influence where we settle ! Thanks
  10. michaelr


    hi everyone . we are looking to arrive out in perth this time next year and have a son who will have just taken his GCSE's so we are looking for state colleges where he can continue his education before he goes to uni, anyone know of any colleges they would recomend for a 16 yearold lad . who is keen on science and is also a quailfied scuba instructor. any help is greatfully recieved.
  11. michaelr

    Just got our visa

    Hi everyone, we've just been granted our visa and plan to be out there middle of next year , it's a mind field as to what to do first !! Job, house , area and college to sort out !!!!
  12. hi everyone, im looking at areas to settle and have had mixed advice from people, can anyone give me info about secret harbour as an area to settle in ? ive aslo been told that north of the city is nicer than south, and the told freemantle and rockingham are both nice places , help !!!!!!!