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  1. MrsM


    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of any welding positions SOR - or even NOR? Hubby's work is now out of work for him and my part time wage just wont keep us! We have two young daughters so obviously stressing a little! He's a first class welder and happy to travel anywhere! Any help would be appreciated! Levi
  2. MrsM

    Here finally!

    WOO! So after a quite easyish flight (with two kids ), we've been in Perth for 25 hours and sorted the banking, Medicare and TFN's. Just the drivers licence now! Went in to see about it, but the cat4 document - letter from employer for the address situation... how the hell do I manage that before I start work? yep, I'm impatient BUT just want it done so I can finally relax! L x
  3. MrsM

    Stressing Out!

    Yeah I'm thinking its the kick up the backside I needed! Cleared our loft yesterday. Was a bit sad about seeing most of my life in bin bags! But hey ho!!
  4. MrsM

    Perth Poms business owners.

    I'm a wedding, event & portrait photographer! Looking to do the same when I come over in June!
  5. MrsM

    Stressing Out!

    So, flights were booked and we were to fly out the 21st July, but now we've decided to bring it forward to the 14th of June because hubby is finishing up earlier than he expected... So only 5 weeks away and I'm stressed out with everything we have left to sort. Thought we had time and now we dont!
  6. MrsM

    staying sane? ?

    We fly the 21st of July and feel the same! I'm still trying to get shot of some of our things here as we are starting a fresh there, so thats occupying my time slightly!
  7. MrsM

    Partner visa

    Are you onshore just now? I thought it was less time to complete it if you are already in Aus? Yeah they just emailed one morning with the visa grant approved.
  8. MrsM

    Partner visa

    Hi Steph, I applied for my partner visa at the very end of June 2014 and had mines granted only a few weeks ago. Hang in there! When did you do your medicals?
  9. MrsM

    Plane crash over Ukraine

    Its crazy when you think that they even managed to shoot a plane down. Glad it doesn't happen often - although there was a fair few aircrafts taken down just previous to the MA one. Surely that should have been a warning? Such a sad sad state when families can't even have peace that their loved ones are recovered quickly. Must be so hard. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.
  10. MrsM

    Plane crash over Ukraine

    Yeah, I just spotted the altitude in one of the news reports. So I take the comment back. Its such sad news for everyone involved - my thoughts go out to them. I still think that even though it's no fault of their own, people may avoid them.
  11. MrsM

    Plane crash over Ukraine

    Sky news reported that 6 from the UK were on board. I know it was an act of terrorism, but airlines had been advised to avoid that area due to the ongoing conflict. So MA put cost before safety imo. Bad press twice in a year doesnt fill me with confidence to fly with them - even if it was outwith their control....
  12. Thanks DyleB! Yeah she will be looking at jobs with children so I'll tell her to do it a bit before it Very much appreciated.
  13. Hey, Just wondered if anyone could help - my sister wants to come over to Oz on a working holiday visa next year. How long is processing times? It has on the website that initial contact is 7 days, however it doesnt answer my question. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Levi
  14. MrsM

    Plane crash over Ukraine

    Another Malaysian Airlines plane as well. My husband works away, so I always get worried when I hear about anything to do with planes
  15. MrsM

    Woo! We finally have our CO!

    Haha i'm sure they'll have some for you lol!