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    Selling UK House from Oz

    Did you have to go over to UK first to sign papers to enable family to be legally able to act on your behalf, did you have a local estate agent or an national one. We want to do it all from here, we currently have tenants so not sure of process.

    Selling UK House from Oz

    Our rental company is only rental not sales, so might be different. Gonna call a local agent and see what is required. Thanks for replies.

    Selling UK House from Oz

    Hi, Has anyone sold there house back in the UK whilst living in Australia. If so, did you use a UK company and any recommendations ? TIA
  4. Thought we could get together again on Saturday 7th June at same place (Tea Merchants - Rocky Foreshore), say 11am? Everyone welcome.
  5. We had a good meet up, sorry you missed it. We will let you know when we next meet up.
  6. I'm up for a coffee morning, but work all week :wacko: But can do Saturdays !
  7. Hi Anyone out there at a loose end this weekend, or any other Friday and Saturday that would like to get together for a coffee or something colder? I am a FIFO wife and would love to meet more people, I have met some great friends on here but would like to meet more. I enjoy socialising and having a good laugh and have friends all ages. So if you are at a loose end anytime and would like to meet then let me know. V

    Meet in Rockingham

    Deb, I live not far from Rocky. I've been here 7 months so meeting new people is great. I am 40ish so may be over the hill, but if you want to meet for a drink sometime let me know.

    Anyone fancy a meet up

    Hi All, I live by Rockingham. 43 with 1 teenager, free most Saturdays and some Fridays. It would be good to meet more people, if you are meeting for a drink can I tag along?
  10. Put them on here and I or someone else may be able to help.
  11. Before you pay for a UK prescription, just check you can bring the medication to Oz, most of ours came through but some antibiotics were not allowed in and were destroyed by customs. If you get them free in the UK then it may be worth the risk.
  12. VGINOZ

    Dog Groomers in Rockingham area

    Thanks Bibbs, maybe I need to get the scissors out!
  13. Can anyone recommend a good dog groomer in Rockingham area, preferably one that doesn't cost a fortune. i only need my dogs hair cut so nothing fancy. thanks
  14. Saturday is best for me, do you want to meet for a coffee in Rocky shops?