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    australian dollar rate today!

    I'd like to follow this thread as I am waiting to transfer some money over too.
  2. It depends what you mean by dance music? Theres loads of bars/clubs that play mainstream dance music - like Rhianna remixes with a dancier beat in Freo & Northbridge. if you mean more house music, then Villa is probably the best place, but the music played varies from week to week, and you have to pick your night. Villa tend to have the big names on like Digweed, Sasha, Sanchez, they are a few I've seen since I've been here. They tend to have someone on every few months. I've been told Ambar has some good nights on too but I've not been there yet. I do think Perth needs a club that plays house music every week that's not over $50 to get in! I think it'd do well as Villa is always full on a good night.
  3. Sarab

    Australian CV

    I've been in Perth 18 months, it took me 3 months to get a job in marketing when I arrived and I have 12 years experience. I ended up taking something more junior just to have a job, and I am still there. I tried to apply for jobs before I got here too, to no avail. All in all I think Perth is an odd place to find a job, unless you work in mining and there is a shortage of your skill. I found the agents rubbish too, they don't get commission like the ones in the uk so they are not bothered. They might call you in to see you, but they did nothing for me. for marketing it is very industry dependant, which I think is crazy, what about transferable skills? I am not sure about other industries and the industry specific thing, I can only speak from my experience. I also think that jobs (like marketing) where they get a lot of applicants, if they dont recognise the companies on your cv it can also be a barrier. I think you just have to be patient, and ringing up or calling in when you get here can help from what I have been told too. All in all Perth is very different to the uk, but it is a different country with a different culture. Good luck!
  4. There are lots of Charlotte Fanningtons on Facebook - I'm Sara Banks my profile says 'Perth feels like home' on a picture in green
  5. Hi are we still meeting for the film?
  6. I'm going to future music too! Enjoy! I'll be coming to the cinema too
  7. I can't find the group - does anyone fancy meeting for coffee (or wine) tomorrow afternoon in perth?
  8. I'll definitely come to the next one
  9. Is it this weekend? I have mother-in-law here she arrives tomorrow for 10 days :-(
  10. Hi, I'm in my 30's too, living in Freo, been here for about a year now. Made some lovely friends but would love to make some more.
  11. Sarab

    What's it like to live in Hamilton Hill?

    That's what I thought but wanted to see what people thought! Is all still working out for you fellow June 2011 gang member!!
  12. Sarab

    What's it like to live in Hamilton Hill?

    Don't know where you mean? It's at the bottom of clonrarf rd near the woolworths in south Freo - it looks ok to me to be honest. The other side of the road is Beaconsfield & at the bottom of the road is South Freo?
  13. Hi Does anybody live or know anyone that lives in Hamilton Hill? We have seen a rental which is right at the bottom of Hamilton Hill bordering South Fremantle and Beaconsfield (which are across the road). I am asking as I currently live in Hilton (which I did not know was a bad area), and got broken in to and have been released from my lease as the house was not secure and we told the agent about this when we moved in so eventually they have released us from our lease. We don't want to make the same mistake twice, and also want to stay near Fremantle, as we love it - but we can't afford Fremantle. The property seems great, but we are still pretty new to knowing areas. Any help/advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  14. What is a good policy then? I have been looking at HBF? Hospital, dental, optical & another (but don't know what to choose for the other). I saw something about tax but didn't know what it meant.