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  1. We have 2 unused Telstra recharge vouchers for sale - one is for $50 and the other is for $40, with both due to expire on 7 December 2017. We we are looking to sell the $50 voucher for $40 and sell the $40 voucher for $30. If if you're interested then drop me a PM - we are based in Mount Lawley. Thanks
  2. alant


    Hi Mary77, I'm both CIMA & now CPA qualified accountant and, unfortunately, there is plenty of accountants in Perth; both employed and unemployed! When I came over in September 2013, it took me 4 weeks to get a temporary contract role before I was fortunate to gain a full time role, which I'm currently still doing. I get the daily updates from Seek and I can say that it is very quiet at the moment. From my experience, the job market seems to close down from around end of November to end of January for Christmas and summer holidays before it picks back up again. What I would suggest is that you build up a positive relationship with recruitment agents as they will be, in most cases, your first way to getting a foot in the door. I emailed the main agents (Michael Page, Robert Half, Robert Walters and Hudson plus some smaller ones too) before I moved and arranged a face-to-face meet with them when I arrived - this seemed to help me! What you will find is that the Perth market is small in comparison to other major cites and, like most, is very much who you know...so the quicker you build up the relationships and network then the better for you. Good luck & if I can help in anyway then please let me know.
  3. alant

    UK bank account

    Having a bank account open doesn't maintain your credit rating - the use of and payment of credit (like a UK credit card) maintains your credit rating. This shows a history and ability of debt repayment - you don't get this by keeping a bank account open (so I'm told)
  4. alant

    Football (soccer)

    Saw doctor, I play Masters for Joondanna Blues in Masters North Div 1. You need to be aged 35+ and registered with FFA. It's important that you're registered as if you get injured in an official game or training (like i am - broke my knee and tore my LCL, which required knee reconstructive surgery and I'll be out for 10 months) you can claim back your costs for surgery, physio, rehab etc that your private health doesn't cover. Your registration fee that you'll pay (mines was $320 for the year) includes the insurance element. And a portion of that is allocated to your club. The standard at Masters level is quite good, with many good players but just not as fit as they used to be. The games, although competitive, are very much social and allow revolving substitutions to allow players to get a breather. In our league there are a large number of British players. The facilities at each club differ but most are 100% better than anything I experienced when I played amateur football back in Scotland. The season is in the second half of the fixture calendar but I'm sure there are teams looking for players. Get yourself into the football west website and you can search for clubs in your local area. They also have contact details so you can get in touch with a club and arrange to get yourself along to training.
  5. Despite having to accrue holidays, when I started with my current employer they allowed you to take holidays straightaway and go into negative annual leave. This meant that any holidays accrued would be offset against your negative balance until such time you were in a positive annual leave position. It was agreed that if and when you left and you were in a negative position then this would be deducted from your wage - do they not offer you this option as it seems unreasonable for an employee to go 12 months without any sort of break (other than bank hols)? Have you discussed this with any of your colleagues to establish ehat happened with them?
  6. alant

    P60 ????

    Hi my wife had to submit hers but didn't have them so got statements from HMRC - it was to back up proof of work experience.
  7. alant

    Interview attire

    When I attended interviews in Perth I wore exactly what I would wear to an interview in the UK; suit, shirt & tie. To be fair it was hot but I carried my suit jacket until I got to the location then put it on. I suppose what you wear is dependant on what industry you are in (I'm an accountant) but you could check with your recruitment agent (if you secured the interview via one) what the interview dress code expectations of the interviewer are - I was told for one interview that I should not wear a suit or a tie. From my experience, most office based workers don't wear a full suit & tie to work - it's shirt, tie & shoes. Good luck!
  8. alant

    What to pack in suitcase when leaving uk?

    My wife and I flew with Singapore airlines and got the 40kg luggage allowance as we were travelling one-way on an unvalidated permanent visa. We also had 4 days in Singapore and Singapore airlines allowed us to have the 40kg on the interrupted 2nd leg of the journey. All we did was get an email confirmation from them before we departed but it wasn't needed (but it was good to have just incase!).
  9. alant

    Which Airline Etihad, Qatar, Emirates

    We flew Singapore airlines and they were absolutely first class....it was the huge A380 and staff were so friendly & helpful too! They were also the cheapest too so that was a bobby bonus! If you're flying on an unused permanent visa then Singapore Airlines give you 40kgs each which may be if use to you!! I haven't flew with the others you quoted so can't give you an opinion on them!
  10. alant

    Best order / advise

    You can do TFN online once you arrive but you need an Aussie address to do so (in your case your friends). For both Medicare and Drivers Licence you will need ID to register for both - you need 100 points for both so it might be a good idea to check online what ID is required as without the correct ID you won't get any of them! Good luck with your move!!
  11. alant

    Visa Granted 29 August 2014

    Congratulations on your visa being granted!! When you come over in December the weather will be amazing and WA is such a beautiful place you will have a great time. In terms of jobs & interviews while your here on your reccie, without knowing your occupation and trying not to dampen your good news post, the job market in Perth almost comes to a halt over the Christmas & school holiday periods (from late Nov to beginning of Feb) but I wouldn't let that stop you from contacting and trying to arrange meetings/interviews with recruitment agents or prospective employers directly. Enjoy your reccie in Dec and best of luck for when you make the move!
  12. Hi Wigannigrater, once you have been granted your visa you have 12 months from the date of your police checks to enter Australia. The first time you enter Australia on your visa is you activating your visa. Some people do this when they make the big move; others choose to come out to Australia for a 'reccie' or a holiday and take the opportunity to explore Australia, the area they think they want to move to and/or potential job opportunities. Regardless, when you enter Australia on your visa for the first time then this is the visa activation. We activated ours when we moved across last year...we chose not to have a reccie but make the move....one of the best decisions we have ever made! Hope this helps & good luck!
  13. alant

    Luggage Allowence

    I'm not sure about Emirates but I do know that if you fly with Singapore airlines on an unused permanent visa they will give you 40kgs luggage allowance. We flew with them in August last year when we emigrated and got the additional allowance. We also had a stopover in Singapore and they honoured the additional allowance on the Singapore to Perth leg of the journey - we got email confirmation from them before we travelled and there was no issues! Sorry I couldn't answer your query about Emirates but I'm sure someone will come along and confirm!
  14. alant

    Why Perth?

    Why not? It's the beautiful climate, beaches and the laid back lifestyle...we have not been disappointed so far!! Still pinch myself everyday at how lucky we are to live in such an amazing part of the world!!
  15. alant

    Any music festivals in perth

    If you like your dance music then there is Stereosonic too - it's on 29 & 30 November at the Claremont Showground. We went last year and enjoyed it (dance music isn't my thing but my wife loves it) but be warned it was full of pissed up youngsters and muscle heads!!