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  1. Scotty

    RRV Covid

    Give who a ring? do you have the number? Thanks
  2. Scotty

    RRV Covid

    Hi Hi, Thanks for the reply. When should I apply? Wait until COVID is over or apply before my visa runs out in February? Scott
  3. Scotty

    RRV Covid

    Hi, It doesn't look like I will make it over to Aus from Scotland before my PR runs out. Does anyone know if RRV's are being granted using COVID as a reason? I have asthma, I think that would help my case. I also have a 3 month noticed period at work so it wouldn't be physically possible for me to make it in 3 months. I am hoping to get 1 year RRV. Thanks Scott
  4. Scotty

    189 PR Expirying - RRV

    Hi, So I am spoke to Camilla and it does not looks good. I am now wondering if I can reapply for a 189 PR visa when it runs out? Thanks Scott
  5. Scotty

    189 PR Expirying - RRV

    Hi, Does anyone know a good migration agent that I could have an initial chat with? Thanks Scott
  6. Scotty

    189 PR Expirying - RRV

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, I think that is what I will do. With regards to an RRV, does it run from the approval date of the RRV or does it start from the expiry date of the 189 PR? For example, if I applied for a 1 year RRV just now and it was granted - would I then have until 04/02/2022 (189 expires 04/02/2022) or would it be valid for 1 year from now? Thanks Scott
  7. Hi All, So it has been ages since I posted on here and it looks like to forum has really slowed down, such a shame. Looks like I am not the only one that has not immigrated due to the downturn in industry. Anyway, I am looking for a bit of advise as my must not arrive date is 04/02/2021 and I can't see myself moving before then. I travelled to Perth in November 2016. I arrived in Perth on 13/11/2016 and departed 19/11/2016. I am now looking to apply for a RRV but it is likely that I will only get a 3 month RRV which is not much use to me. The condition of the RRV is that you must not of been outside Aus for more than 5 years so I am wondering if I should make a quick trip over before my 189 runs out in Feb next year. From what I know, that would then give me another 5 years where I could apply for a 3 month RRV. Is this correct? Thanks Scott
  8. Scotty

    Change partner on 189 PR visa

    hahaha JaseandAnne - who know's it might be the call come 2021. I will be leaving it last minute to come as I am earning really good money here in Aberdeen in the oil industry just now.
  9. Hi, I am guessing this is not going to be easy but does anyone know what's involved with getting my partner changed on my 189 PR visa? I split up with the ex partner 2 years ago and I have been seeing a new girlfriend for over a year now. I have been across to validate my visa, my final entry date is Feb 2021. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Scott
  10. Scotty

    Renewal of PR visa 190

    This is what mine states: Must Make First Entry to Australia Before 26 November 2016 Must Not Arrive After 04 February 2021 Stay Period Indefinite from the date of each arrival
  11. Scotty

    Renewal of PR visa 190

    Hi, Not posted on here for a while. I am also going to be leaving it until last minute until I come (Feb 2021) due split with my girlfriend who was suppose on my visa and state of the oil indusrty. My main question is - you state 'before the 3 months of the 5 years finishing date' - What do you mean by this? Is this a must? Can you not arrive the day before the 5 years,? Just wondering how this works. Thanks Scott
  12. Warnbro - This is the kind of knowledge I want to learn more about, exactly the kind of knowledge. Can you point me in any direction? are there any sources you know of where I can learn what you know. What do you think will happen? Think I could just ride it out and wait for the exchange rate to rise? I am a single man so will not need to take all my money with me initially.
  13. Who You do not want me to contact you?
  14. Scotty

    Cycling in Perth

    How much is it costing to ship your bike? I have a Scott speedster and I am thinking I would be as well selling it and buying one when I arrive, not shipping anything else.