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  1. Scotty

    Change partner on 189 PR visa

    hahaha JaseandAnne - who know's it might be the call come 2021. I will be leaving it last minute to come as I am earning really good money here in Aberdeen in the oil industry just now.
  2. Hi, I am guessing this is not going to be easy but does anyone know what's involved with getting my partner changed on my 189 PR visa? I split up with the ex partner 2 years ago and I have been seeing a new girlfriend for over a year now. I have been across to validate my visa, my final entry date is Feb 2021. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Scott
  3. Scotty

    Renewal of PR visa 190

    This is what mine states: Must Make First Entry to Australia Before 26 November 2016 Must Not Arrive After 04 February 2021 Stay Period Indefinite from the date of each arrival
  4. Scotty

    Renewal of PR visa 190

    Hi, Not posted on here for a while. I am also going to be leaving it until last minute until I come (Feb 2021) due split with my girlfriend who was suppose on my visa and state of the oil indusrty. My main question is - you state 'before the 3 months of the 5 years finishing date' - What do you mean by this? Is this a must? Can you not arrive the day before the 5 years,? Just wondering how this works. Thanks Scott
  5. Warnbro - This is the kind of knowledge I want to learn more about, exactly the kind of knowledge. Can you point me in any direction? are there any sources you know of where I can learn what you know. What do you think will happen? Think I could just ride it out and wait for the exchange rate to rise? I am a single man so will not need to take all my money with me initially.
  6. Who You do not want me to contact you?
  7. Scotty

    Cycling in Perth

    How much is it costing to ship your bike? I have a Scott speedster and I am thinking I would be as well selling it and buying one when I arrive, not shipping anything else.
  8. Hi, I have my PR visa and I have been over to perth for my validation run. I now have until Feb 2021 to move. I work in the oil and their is not many jobs going anywhere in the world at the moment so I am riding out my current job until last minute. I looked at setting up a bank account with NAB but I can only do it 1 year before I arrive. I am now worried that the £ v $ is going to drop even more due to brexit so I was wondering if there are any ways of transfering my money into dollars gradually at the moment when the exchange rates look good? I have also been looking at other methods such as buying stock etc. All advice much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Scotty

    Validation Run

    Hi I have been on my validation run and I am back in the UK now. My dad has got me a bit worried by asking me what I had to do to validate my visa? I was like - nothing, I just entered the country and my passport was scanned. Hopefully I am correct. 4 years now to move. Scott
  10. Hi Everyone, Been quite a while since I posted now. I have honestly had the worst week, could not make it up! Anyway, I have split with my partner who is on my visa but we are going to go to counselling and we are coming to Perth for 1 week in November to validate our visa anyway in case we resolve our issues. So when we come to Perth is will be a just under a years since our Police checks, they were before our medical. Our visa was not granted until January 2016. So from my understanding we have until January 2021 until we have to be there but that is when the 5 years are up and you have to apply for citizenship I believe? Just really looking for someone who has more knowledge on this and can give me the low down. Bad times Thanks Scott
  11. Hi Everyone, Looking for a bit of advise on where to stay? We are going to Thailand and Brisbane before Perth and plan on meeting up with a couple of people in Perth. We have only really seen the city centre in Perth but we are a city couple. We were wondering if we should maybe stay in an apartment in Subiaco instead of a hotel in the centre? Through it might be cheaper as we could buy in some shopping rather than eating out but we would also want a pool. Was also having a look at Scarborough beach but wondered if there would be anything for us to do there, especially in the evenings? Oh yeah it will be 28th of November we arrive. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Scott
  12. Scotty

    Visa Validation Run

    Flights now booked for November with Emirates :-)
  13. Scotty

    Visa Validation Run

    Thanks for the link. So I do it online? I thought it was something to do when I was there? It also says I need an Australia address?
  14. Scotty

    Visa Validation Run

    Hi Thanks for the replies! So my hit list so far is: 1 - Pick up bank cards (thinking about going with NAB) 2 - Get Tax number (Anyone know how I do this?) 3 - Look at places to live