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    advice needed peadiatric nurse !!!!

    Thankyou...I thought that was probably what I needed to do but wasn't sure! Thanks for the help?
  2. chocolatevella

    advice needed peadiatric nurse !!!!

    Hi I'm a paeds nurse just getting paperwork together for AHPRA and ANMAC. Just wondering if anyone could help with ANZSCO code question? Should I apply under the paeds nurse code or emergency nurse code as I've been working in A&E for the last 18 months? ! Any help/advice would be appreciated! X
  3. Hi everyone, Am currently getting everything ready for my ANMAC application but unsure what ANZSAC code to use as although I'm a registered paediatric nurse, I have worked in A&E for that last 18 months. Should I use paediatric code or emergency nursing code?! Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance?
  4. chocolatevella

    Nurses Thread!

    Ashton Crowe...thankyou so much for your reply. It's very reassuring to know that I should be able to get work, and really helpful to know what steps I need to take to get ready to work as a nurse in Australia. :-)
  5. chocolatevella

    Nurses Thread!

    Hello everyone:-D I've just joined this forum and found this thread so appologise if this has all been asked already! I qualified as a paediatric nurse last Aug and have been workjng on a general children's ward since then. Looking to emigrate to Perth in the near future but was just wondering if anybody knew what the job situation for registered children's nurses is like there at the moment for British nurses? Have looked on wa health website and it says they will offer to Australian citizens first...