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  1. pegg

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    Oo it could have been tortoise crossing ... nr park??? , But yes to be nr hospital - fab areas
  2. We did ours ourselves - no agents ..... fun starts when you get over there though
  3. pegg

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    is Subiaco where they have a "turtle crossing " sign on road ? .... we always liked driving through the place , some nice old properties ;o)
  4. I love this !!! "I presume I’ll get maximum points since I’m reasonably well educated." ...... Those that know - know
  5. pegg

    Margaret River wine region

    Just been watching the surfing on redbull TV from Margaret River , Crikey really bought home how beautiful that area is ....... And the wine ! wow !
  6. pegg

    open new account from UK

    simlar to here @Rossmoyne.... on the interest rate front , However my Nab account is fully active so this is the way i will go , Ive gone full circle ! ah well nay mind
  7. pegg

    open new account from UK

    Crikey Fol - Nab the bank that took and took and took ...... Never to give or show mercy ha ha ! but yes i do think i may have to dig out account details as would be easiest way forward.
  8. pegg

    open new account from UK

    weve heard alot of good regarding common wealth - its just that you need to transfer 3 months before leaving .... So my idea of bunging spare cash in wont work . But yep cheers for reply
  9. pegg

    open new account from UK

    yes where thinking Commonwealth , just need to open 3 months before get out there. It was just we where thinking of keeping adding funds ...... We might even reactivate our nab account if need to i suppose .
  10. pegg

    open new account from UK

    Ahh , also spotted that alot of banks are activated 3 months before arrival . So i may have to wait awhile.
  11. Hi, So when we where in Oz we banked with nab and jeez never again ! So back in blighty and tried to open account with westpac - But having real start up problems and know one seems to respond to emails ! We only want to put cash in ! So yep can anyone recommend a ozzy bank that we can liaise with and get it topped up before we get out there ? cheers guys
  12. hey your very kind @FOL ..... ive been looking at real estate website and cannot believe what we can get now for the money we where paying back then ! But we are going to go cheaper this time around and not spend all on rent. Also currently looking at A level options for our son , But yep holiday rental the way to go from the start. Location wise - Beldon to quinnsrock where thinking
  13. Yes , i think you maybe right .we will be hiring a car so may look at an apartment for 4 weeks . cheers
  14. Hi guys, So as some of you may know we where in WA .... but back in blighty for now. But im just wondering as we have job over there sorted - we know areas where we would like to live - Can or could we secure a rental from over here ? or do i have to actually be in Oz to do this ? I feel it would be far easier ..... Anyhow any agents can advise that would be great thanks in advance
  15. pegg

    Any surfers?

    i have to travel 200 miles to surf he in the UK .... so may as-well practice on dry land ! ..... paddling and pop up ! think i mastered that years ago