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  1. pegg

    Are all Perth people super fit?

    beutiful @JasonM !!! i reckon the sun makes training easier
  2. I know its not much help and below what you do , But a mate of mine went ceiling board fixing - as no one likes plasterboarding ceilings !!! however he got a lot of work and then got him more contacts and got his name around . I know its not easy ..... but good luck buddy
  3. pegg

    Advice on what to ship?

    Yep , gotta say bring as much as you can ! and Aussie plug adapters work fine for electricals etc. We wish we had bought more certainly
  4. pegg

    18 months in and things going well

    really nice update Jen ! very nice to here a happy / positive vibe on this forum ...... which i feel has lost a certain sparkle over the last few years ! Anyhow , We as a family that tried it for 12 months - returned to UK but now thinking Feb we may return - are so happy you guys are settled and life is going swell ! you certainly dont realise the little things in Oz that are big things here in the UK .... that ocean mmmmmmmmmm lush . Really happy for you guys - Keep living the dream
  5. pegg

    Are all Perth people super fit?

    Years old post !!!!! But i do miss the fitness of Perth , the power walkers on the cycleways ..... yoga on the beach ..... paddle boarding ............. Oh and a little surf if the waves are above a foot in height But yep , we as a family liked the fitness / wellbeing aspect of Perth
  6. pegg

    Car Import

    Did you ship @HANCOX FAMILY ? just im tempted with a lil jeep i have here in UK ?
  7. pegg

    what are you doing at this moment

    Aw , I just remember you where so keen @cocolevi .... on a life down under ! well with the scorching temps in the UK at the moment life is great ! hope alls well for you .
  8. pegg

    hay fever tablets

    One thing i do find mega mega cheap in the UK - are alergy tablets / hay fever etc ! meds are soooooo expensive down under . just putting it out there guys
  9. since returning from Perth ... its taught us that "its just life" and to really explore every oportunity ! We found things werent right in our 12 month stint for us ....... A big error for us was constantly comparing to the UK - Although one thing the UK does have going for it is long hours in the summer staying light until 10.30 .... bliss. But Perth had the ocean ..... that unbelievable ocean, so warm and so so perfect. Not sure what im trying to say , but for us - where thinking of heading back around January , Ok there might be a lul in jobs ...... But im positive the UK boom is going to be short . ............. Life is what matters , memories ! some of the best days in my life where simply spent on mullaloo beach with only enough money for a flat white! Anyhow good look , follow your heart and not your head ...... and enjoy every single moment x
  10. pegg

    what are you doing at this moment

    so are you still in the UK now @cocolevi ???? I remeber reading your posts years ago and you seemed desperate to get to Oz
  11. My old next door neighbour in Kallaroo was a brickie ..... But times got hard and wages got lower and lower , to the point wages where equivelent to £70 a day - shocking! Anyhow he just asked around , he knew the trade and got onto ceiling boarding as apparantly not many guys like doing it...... but he was making good money. So yep like Ai said knock on doors or consider other aspects of the building trade. best of luck
  12. pegg

    Scarborough face lift

    brill !!! Scabs is one of those places where when we first arrived i really couldnt get on with it .... yet by the time we left - we loved the place ! especially when we watched a mum and calf right whales swim by ..... just good memories .
  13. pegg


    yes , think im just going to have a bit of an explore ....... We still like the area of Kallaroo , Beldon etc so we will see
  14. pegg

    Scarborough face lift

    pool at home @FOL ......living the dream
  15. Hey guys just wondering if any of you lived in or around these areas ? and could give a bit of advice of schools ( primary and secondary ) / and general living ? Just mulling over - area wise that we could afford to buy/build etc . Must say alkimos has alot of value housing ....... but yep any info would be cool !