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  1. hey your very kind @FOL ..... ive been looking at real estate website and cannot believe what we can get now for the money we where paying back then ! But we are going to go cheaper this time around and not spend all on rent. Also currently looking at A level options for our son , But yep holiday rental the way to go from the start. Location wise - Beldon to quinnsrock where thinking
  2. Yes , i think you maybe right .we will be hiring a car so may look at an apartment for 4 weeks . cheers
  3. Hi guys, So as some of you may know we where in WA .... but back in blighty for now. But im just wondering as we have job over there sorted - we know areas where we would like to live - Can or could we secure a rental from over here ? or do i have to actually be in Oz to do this ? I feel it would be far easier ..... Anyhow any agents can advise that would be great thanks in advance
  4. pegg

    Any surfers?

    i have to travel 200 miles to surf he in the UK .... so may as-well practice on dry land ! ..... paddling and pop up ! think i mastered that years ago
  5. pegg

    Eaton / Bunbury

    Hi, our friends emigrated to Bunbury 10 yrs ago and we have spent many a time with them ...... they love it - and we've always loved our visits
  6. pegg

    Any surfers?

    hey @FOL - you still hitting them waves ?
  7. pegg

    Hi everyone!!

    from one paediatric nurse to another ..... Hi
  8. hey exciting times ..... enjoy
  9. pegg

    what to do ?

    HEY @Lauren & Luke , So, where were at ...... Well we bought an old cottage and are currently renovating, We bought cheap so our aim is to really boost our collateral with this cottage. Once completed later this year ..... we can then plan our next move! We will rent the cottage whilst in Oz and explore housing options once arrive ...... again . We have decided to let our Son take his GCSE's here in UK ( well this is the mindset for now ) ..... Then we are planning to move back to WA and he can look at A levels etc other there .... and our daughter will still be in primary school. My wife is still good friends with the staff she worked with ..... And her job is still there if she wants it ( which is great ). As for me im thinking of training for another career other than bricklaying , but not sure. But yep this is where we are at the moment. For us our biggest problem is that we really do like both countries , they both have positives and negatives ....... But where just looking at we only get one life - so hey lets enjoy ;o)
  10. pegg

    i miss lemon n lime bitters

    cheers guys
  11. pegg


    Hi @aussiebird2012 whats made you decide to return ? would your parents be able to visit you if you go ?
  12. sat here after our mini feb heat wave ( weird right ) ..... And was just thinking - i really miss the lemon and lime bitters, If you not drinking alcohol , then this was a great drink. you can get bundaberg ginger beer here but not lemon lime bitters...... ...Also Aioli sauce was something that rocked my boat , very nice. anyhow , just putting it out there . ( oh and heat wave finished now)
  13. pegg

    Two months in... Nearly!

    Very happy for you guys !!!! Enjoy the sun ........ and the sea x
  14. pegg

    what to do ?

    Thanks again for your help. It was Steves funeral thursday - FIL ..... i think its going to be a tricky christmas this year , so may not post much ! So if i dont ..... please enjoy the sea for me ! and have a chrimbo !
  15. pegg

    what to do ?

    Thankyou for your post Jen, always nice to get a bit of feedback of what other people went through - and how they dealt with things ..... Thanks again