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  1. pegg

    Two months in... Nearly!

    Very happy for you guys !!!! Enjoy the sun ........ and the sea x
  2. pegg

    what to do ?

    Thanks again for your help. It was Steves funeral thursday - FIL ..... i think its going to be a tricky christmas this year , so may not post much ! So if i dont ..... please enjoy the sea for me ! and have a chrimbo !
  3. pegg

    what to do ?

    Thankyou for your post Jen, always nice to get a bit of feedback of what other people went through - and how they dealt with things ..... Thanks again
  4. pegg

    what to do ?

    Cheers guys , will look into international baccalaureate ...... But im afraid where all abit sad today as my father-in-law passed away last night , weve had an awful time with his brain tumour but now he is at rest. So yep cheers guys i will think on , but just pulling together as a family for the time being .
  5. pegg

    what to do ?

    hi @Horsemad1976 , this is the thing when in oz he would be excited to hook up at weekends to talk to uk friends on his XBOX ( which did not help at all ) ...... But now hes back , he goes to school - comes back - does homework - then straight on XBOX . They never go out or socialize much ......... I think its so unhealthy mentally ! He is a bright lad and really healthy - not overweight , but he does lack confidence. He used to enjoy boxing a few years back - and he was pretty good ...... So whilst we where there i wish i had took him to the local club. He did not like the idea of the surfclub ...... However in mullaloo it was pretty overpowering ! He also loves the ocean , he can pop up on a surfboard and enjoys surfing ............... But it just comes doen to him missing his friends and family, And also now faffing up his gcse's ( if we went now ). But yes hobbies are a big factor and if we went back - thats somthing that will have to change ! he needs somthing over than that flipping xbox !!! Infact that was one major dissapointment , we thought once in Oz - that maybe kids there dont game so much ..... But man ocean reef school - all the lads again on xbox , trying to sort actual people conecting .... well it was different in my day ! lol
  6. pegg

    what to do ?

    This is it @ali , he would return for citizenship but he has a year and a half until gcse's .... which is so important obviously, then its A levels ! but we only have 3 years on Visa . Its just been terrible timing , it really has . we do not want to screw up his education just for us . Unless he could study english A levels in Oz ????? EEK i just dont know what to do. And whilst this is going on our daughter is getting older - shes 5 now .... so with friends and all that , it gets harder and harder. mmmmmm , sure we'll sort it ....... some how
  7. pegg

    house deposit ?

    cheers guys .... well i dont see properties rising over there or here in the Uk for a while , so yep thanks for info guys
  8. pegg

    house deposit ?

    good stuff - as always @FOL, cheers
  9. pegg

    what to do ?

    Yes @Tab, this is it for now we need to be here for the family and whats going on . but yep will always keep everyone posted ........ and good luck to you Jan 2nd !! whoop whoop
  10. So, im sat here in the UK after leaving Perths mega expensive house prices ..... but things where changing ..... prices where falling . I am a builder/developer and have just bought a cottage to rent out whilst returning to OZ - then with the idea to sell and release funds once settled. Anyhow , so im wondering i like kallaroo area - Then across the highway , beldon , padbury etc ....... hows prices going ? i would love to find somewhere at $399k ??? - $499k . also the banks have tightend up so much overe here - depositwise , you need a massive wedge of casheroo ! But what about overthere - can i get 5% deposit ? 10% or 15%..... I ask as i would like to explore re-training in other work methods ? So, yep hows the house prices ????? And how much deposit ??? Cheers Guys
  11. pegg

    what to do ?

    the biggy was , he went so within himself , he stopped eating and the happiness just drained out of him . he misssed his friends and grandparents so much. However, since going and coming back he has matured a hell of a lot and he does miss parts of our Aussie adventure ! Now is a bad time , as we are are tending to our father-in-law as hes in his last stages of life with his cancer ..... So right now the UK is the right place to be . But i just feel , with us having permenant visa's and my wife having a job over there - its something we cannot ignore ......... well when you swim every morning in the ocean and bask in the glorious sun for a year - yep , its a pretty hard place to ignore . Im a big beliver in fate ...... so i guess what will meant to be - will be meant to be ! I also miss my little chats with the "coles" check out ladies at whitfords with my little girl ...... funny the things we miss ha ha , But yep The UK can certainly take some big tips from Australias freindly customer service . Anyhow , thanks guys
  12. pegg

    what to do ?

    Hey guys , So really struggling on what and when to do it !!! We where thinking of heading back to WA around feb 2019 , however at the moment we are trying to keep it all together as father in law has a stage 4 brain tumour and only weeks to live , sadly ! So, feb maybe difficult . However we need advice regarding our son , He was the main reason we had to return to the UK as he was so unhappy . Sadly we are now the ones that are unhappy here in the UK , but hes settled back in and xbox has once again taken up most of his time. He is at high school and will be sitting gcse's 2020 . So we are now thinking - when do we make the move ? He does not want to go back - we even did say how about he studies his A levels etc in Oz ? Its so hard as my wife has a job waiting back in joondalup , we know the areas we like .......... I just feel we shouldnt have given in and made him stay in the first place . Not sure what im asking ? i just wonder if anyone has been in the same situation as us ? We love the UK and OZ ..... but the pull of the ocean and sun is really really hitting hard . Me ,the wife and little girl would be over next year asap ..... but we just cannot bare our 14 yr old son to be so lonely and unhappy again. Just putting it out there guys ..... i know the forum dosent seem to get the responses it used to , but any advice would be great !
  13. pegg

    Car Import

    response ..... not responce - glad it was the missus that sat the english test !
  14. pegg

    Arrived from UK last week

    good luck with it all , take your time and enjoy
  15. pegg

    Looking for School Recommendations

    exciting times !