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  1. pegg

    Bricklayer - White Card?

    Many thanks ..... Will look into it
  2. hey all , i was just having a think regarding work in Oz .... And when we where there you where in a bit of a recession , So my wife worked as a nurse. Anyhow just thinking as i run my own building company here in UK ( my trade is bricklayer ) ..... i could perhaps look at working and she maybe work part time ? But my question is regarding qualifications to work ? Do i still need a "white card" ....... And if so how do i obtain one ? can i get over here before coming over ? Just a thought i was mulling over ...... Cheers guys
  3. pegg

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    well floreat will always hold a special memory for us . ..... infant it was first place we "ate out" - V-burger !! And thats when we experienced Ozzys having red wine out of the fridge!!! Lol
  4. pegg

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    Aww Floreat was one of our fave places ! the area and some of the house's ..... wow ! really enjoyed the place .......... Anyhow glad you had a nice meal
  5. pegg

    Manchester to Perth flights

    cant help im afraid ..... We where planning on returning to OZ this year, but thats been blown out of the water this year ! I just prey things might be different next year , but i really doubt it
  6. pegg

    Young Family in UK

    This time of year and whats going on dosent help @Joe Milo ..... its certainly winters when i really miss that Aussy sun
  7. pegg

    Is now a Good time to move to Perth?

    any days a good day to move to Oz
  8. pegg

    Young Family in UK

    any more ideas @Joe Milo ? like i said i can remember when hairdressers where so sought of , Anyhow hope all goes well
  9. pegg

    Young Family in UK

    i think you need to train for jobs that OZ needs ! crikey it was hairdresers and barbours a few years ago
  10. pegg

    Young Family in UK

    same as us Nurse and Bricklayer ...... But alot of really helpful folk on here , and if you do not want to ask on forum - simply send a direct message . But as @verystormy said , sometimes moving to the other side of the world may not be the answer ? for example if youre in the midlands - try the coast , Cornwall etc ..... slower pace of life . but yep genuinely all the best to you guys
  11. pegg

    Young Family in UK

    ah i see , Damn shame that .... does your family have no ideas ? seems your'e keen so wheres theres a will theres a way ! good luck
  12. pegg

    Young Family in UK

    Can you not go on a working visa ? aren't these available to get if your'e under 30 ? always thought 30 was the cut off ? Then try and get sponsorship whilst out there ??? I imagine that its pretty hard at the moment anyway ( trying to get a flights hard enough lol ) Good luck ............. Oh and as for Aussie TV it aint that much better lol !
  13. pegg

    Merry Christmas

    The RRV was all abit vague ..... however they said only apply when you know you are ready ??? but yep i think due to covid , But yes ill keep chipping away at him
  14. pegg

    Merry Christmas

    @FOL our big mare at the moment is this RRV and process times ? really need to look into it as weve got no chance of getting there before visa ends . ........ Yes our SON!!!! hes 16 doing his A levels , however he was looking at Aussie universities so well see