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  1. Totally agree .... Facebook is absolutley horrid lol
  2. hey there , yeah i think most are on the facebook group now .... i know my misuss uses that one to stay in touch .
  3. Oh dear @ali , i heard this ! Alot of my wifes friends from joondalup hospital ( nurses ) where so annoyed at borders being closed !!! so annoying! From the Uk we have another freedom day today where thousands and thousands will be in london ( will not be televised though lol ) ....... I personally think they will drop the mandate in the UK for nhs staff ! as its 100k refusing to have it . But then the nurses that have had 2 jabs also refuse to have 3rd - and this is what they want , they want you to have 3 jabs ! So realistically its 600k nurses will be walking out ! The world is watching Australia , and it is in disgust ! your government are failing you guys . Weve been screwed as wanted to return , but wife can no longer nurse as not been vaccinated and the borders are always closed ! So we are very very sad . Where still in contact with many in Perth area , but hey fingers crossed ...... there is an active police investigation into the whole vaccine in the UK and like i said before many countries are reversing there thinking. Im positive this year we will see change . All the best to everyone , And "keep yer pecker up" as my old grandad used to say
  4. So as from next Wednesday all restrictions are cancelled !!! UK is getting back to days of old . However 100k nhs staff are still being sacked due to not having the trail vaccine - but this is looking very doubtful ! Especially when Omicron is now only effecting the vaccinated ! What a pickle ! But yep restrictions all gone in the UK and i know other countries are now also dropping all restrictions .
  5. What is funny , we have peaceful protests all through the year throughout the country , One of the biggest in london was estimated to be nearly a million people ( It was huge ) .......... Yet still not one has been shown on the mainstream News . However a knew kid is on the block - "insulate Britain" lol , now when just 5 people chain themselves to a lamp post crikey its on the news at 10 ! But again these are government lead protests which are going to lead to basically if your house does not have the right insulation then it can no longer be mortgaged ...... Again links with "the world economic forum" . As we know "sustainability" is the knew word which is the biggest threat to our modern way of living right now . But what the public see on the TV the public believes , Strange times old times . Oh i also do like the fact that masks where worn - Now the interesting thing about these masks that NHS staff wear or even the spotty cotton one worn at the school gates , Is these only offer protection for 3 minutes ........ Now lets think about this 3 minutes ! So you see people kicking off regarding not wearing a face covering , where they have had the same one in there pocket for 6 months !!! I cannot believe the stupidity in the human race . They have fell for this hook line and sinker. Also the problems caused by breathing in your own hot moist breath has lead to many elderly hospitalised. So many Ex Army guys think the situation is so amusing , they have spent years training for chemical / biological warfare with thousands of pounds of respiratory equipment , yet the government advise for the most deadly flu in history is a paper mask HA HA ....... Gosh i could go on for ages . ( Also the last pandemic the world had - 10 people on average died in every street ? has this happened um nope lol )
  6. Hey @Rossmoyne if you download the Telegram app on your mobile phone - this is where you will find lots of local groups and information. The world is protesting but the main stream media will not show it. We have dear fiends that are Doctors in the UK that took the jab due to thinking they had to , but really now regret it. We will now see in the UK , what will happen like i say hospital wards are mostly full of vaccinated patients - FACT ! Not bbc fact Not Facebook fact .... BUT fact from the NHS workers , the Dr's and Nurses . The workers in the NHS now have a new union which are going to fight for this horrific agenda - WORKERS OF ENGLAND UNION ..... And the data shows 600k nhs staff are refusing the jab ! So we are going to be in for a rough ride if they try to fire them . Obviously on a personal level , were a'bit peed off as cannot travel back to Oz without Vaccination card ( however there are ways around this ) .... But yes please do your research, Oh also im pretty impressed with Australia first leader " Riccardo Bosi " ...... I pretty sure where gonna come through this very strong indeed. But yep get on telegram , or if Perth have "stand i the park" meets - think on sundays , pop down and meet fellow good honest folk .
  7. I imagine the above post will be deleted soon as anything going against the "plan" seems to go that way. But we are not "anti wax" , not at all ..... modern medicine has proved itself many many a time. But when flu disappears for 2 years ?.... And if you die within 30 days of convid test - even if you die in a car crash ! its convid on death certificate ! the PCR test was never designed for this - so constant false positives . If you died 3 years ago from flu ...... well the flu bought on pneumonia and that was on your death cert , but flu was not put on . However now if you contract convid and leads to pneumonia - Convid is added ? At the start like i mentioned before ventilators where used which cost more lives , and then " do not resuscitate " was bought in place. The world is in debt like never before , and people think if they take this shot - life will be back to normal ! it never will ! look at Israel are they on 4th shot now ??? And highest rate of deaths ? This is a mrna injection ...... nothing like this has been trailed before...... And for what - the flu ???? covid has been around for years and now suddenly everyone feels they need a shot ! a shot that dosent protect them or stop them from catching it or passing on ???? Bizarre world .......... I have many nurse friends abroad , so many agree something is not right. Anyhow , Lets hope we get through this , and the ones that have been associated with this clinical trial are punished in due course ...... Because i promise you in the back ground the evidence is mounting ..... Much love , enjoy the sun !
  8. Wow not been on here for an age ! forgot i started this thread . Anyhow So my view and update of this situation and bearing in mind my attachment to the major hospital in the UK that deals with respiratory etc. ..... So in the Uk alot of us where mocked for voicing our opinions , however all we stated is now coming true . Our government has failed us , and if you believe a word from W.H.O then you really need to switch off your TV. Anyhow yep so im obviously very close to major hospitals and can access data showing beds and care etc ..... Not once have hospitals been over run . Hospitals have never been so quiet , it is embarrasing , yet the media has taken so many of the public for a ride . Ourselves are not anti vax - But wow , they are really pushing this jab over here ! A jab that is still in the trial period ! The media are not reporting on all the adverse reactions to the jab and the deaths caused. We have now seen a massive increase of deaths since the jab rollout. Hospital wards are 80 % full of vax patients . the nurse's that took the jab are off sick . We are now loosing 100k care staff as they refuse to take the jibby jabby ...... and it is said that 600k NHS staff have not and will not take the shot ! So yes very dark times , im still in contact with a few Ozzies and they arent to happy . But yep the other side of australia is horrendous , But i and many more prey that this is a great awakening . So , yep thats whats happening here , if you watch any media - the lies are horrific , So may Drs and Nurses cannot believe the lies , especially Borris's latest one saying the unvaxed are clogging up hospital beds ???? Dark Times . anyway , might be delayed in getting over there for a while , but the thought of the sun always comes back to remind me of happy times in Perth. Hope everyones well .......... And turn off ya TV Also , another little tip , you never use a ventilator on a respiratory compromised patient !
  9. Well , spoke to a pal in NSW and man ! yep it aint the news ! $5k for leaving the house , $5k for exercise .... honestly married to a NHS nurse that is very high in her field ..... And hearing this agenda unveiling in Oz .... Sad times over the boarder matey , thank god Perth isn't following suit
  10. i like your advice ! ...... cheers for this
  11. Been watching footage basically over last couple of years of goings on in Melbourne etc .... With the most extreme lockdowns . Now ive been watching people being arrested for just walking ! Helicopters flying overhead blasting out messages of fear, terrifying children in parks etc ! I know the world is a crazy place right now ..... But OZ seems to be leading the world in the fear tactics ! Although not seen anything to worry about in Perth , all seems quite normal ...... but across the borders .... Wow !
  12. where are you now ? If you miss Perth
  13. im thinking about it matey . In the Uk we renovate every property , built our own home ...... And recently renovated a cottage . So yep home renos are something where used to lol
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