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  1. pegg

    ocean reef development

    i did see plans for artificial reef .... ah so not all that great then ...... unless you got a big boat
  2. pegg

    ocean reef development

    wonder how close it will be to north point on mullaloo , as i know from that way heading to oceanreef was always good for surf
  3. pegg

    ocean reef development

    although i did think " was this to close to hilarys boat harbour " ??
  4. pegg

    ocean reef development

    Hey , i see from over here in Blighty that the ocean reef development is getting the go ahead next year ! the plans looked really impressive when we where there last. Exciting times i guess
  5. pegg

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    Oo it could have been tortoise crossing ... nr park??? , But yes to be nr hospital - fab areas
  6. We did ours ourselves - no agents ..... fun starts when you get over there though
  7. pegg

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    is Subiaco where they have a "turtle crossing " sign on road ? .... we always liked driving through the place , some nice old properties ;o)
  8. I love this !!! "I presume I’ll get maximum points since I’m reasonably well educated." ...... Those that know - know
  9. pegg

    Margaret River wine region

    Just been watching the surfing on redbull TV from Margaret River , Crikey really bought home how beautiful that area is ....... And the wine ! wow !
  10. pegg

    open new account from UK

    simlar to here @Rossmoyne.... on the interest rate front , However my Nab account is fully active so this is the way i will go , Ive gone full circle ! ah well nay mind
  11. pegg

    open new account from UK

    Crikey Fol - Nab the bank that took and took and took ...... Never to give or show mercy ha ha ! but yes i do think i may have to dig out account details as would be easiest way forward.
  12. pegg

    open new account from UK

    weve heard alot of good regarding common wealth - its just that you need to transfer 3 months before leaving .... So my idea of bunging spare cash in wont work . But yep cheers for reply
  13. pegg

    open new account from UK

    yes where thinking Commonwealth , just need to open 3 months before get out there. It was just we where thinking of keeping adding funds ...... We might even reactivate our nab account if need to i suppose .
  14. pegg

    open new account from UK

    Ahh , also spotted that alot of banks are activated 3 months before arrival . So i may have to wait awhile.
  15. Hi, So when we where in Oz we banked with nab and jeez never again ! So back in blighty and tried to open account with westpac - But having real start up problems and know one seems to respond to emails ! We only want to put cash in ! So yep can anyone recommend a ozzy bank that we can liaise with and get it topped up before we get out there ? cheers guys