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  1. pegg

    cashless welfare card ?

    the problem that was in the report i read - was it is only valid for certain items , so the person who has card cannot freely spend on what they want on weekly shop for example. Also only certain companies except ? ..... Dont know much about it , just a very curious report about it that was all.
  2. pegg

    Where's the Poms at 😜

    what 4x4 you got ? our friends in bunbury like abit of "off roading"
  3. pegg

    Shipping white goods

    we never used a dryer ......... As that Perth sun drys clothes in about 30 minutes ! and the breeze from the fremantle Dr helps in the afternoon
  4. pegg

    are folks still emigrating ?

    Thanks so much for honest reply @Rossmoyne , i know our friends in Bunbury are really really struggling with 4 kids and only casual work for husband. I still believe this mini boom in the UK is not going to be long lasting , heard today a major developer are stopping starting any building sites until sometime next year. ........ but at least you have the SUN
  5. just wondering if folks are still searching for the Sun and emigrating to WA .............. just cannot believe how quiet forum is compared to 5 years ago! Maybe the fact that the UK is pretty booming at the minute ..... im not sure ? just my thoughts ........ thats all
  6. Hey all , just been hearing some really negative reports over here about a "cashless welfare card" thats been introduced over there ? I was just wondering is this for your centre link payments now ? As when we where permanent residents we got a bank transfer every 2 weeks ? Just wondering if this is still the same ? just interested ...... thats all
  7. pegg

    Nursing CV

    Hey , i presume you will be applying for jobs once land in Oz .... as no chance sending from UK buddy. Exchange rate getting better too i reckon
  8. pegg

    ocean reef development

    i did see plans for artificial reef .... ah so not all that great then ...... unless you got a big boat
  9. pegg

    ocean reef development

    wonder how close it will be to north point on mullaloo , as i know from that way heading to oceanreef was always good for surf
  10. pegg

    ocean reef development

    although i did think " was this to close to hilarys boat harbour " ??
  11. pegg

    ocean reef development

    Hey , i see from over here in Blighty that the ocean reef development is getting the go ahead next year ! the plans looked really impressive when we where there last. Exciting times i guess
  12. pegg

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    Oo it could have been tortoise crossing ... nr park??? , But yes to be nr hospital - fab areas
  13. We did ours ourselves - no agents ..... fun starts when you get over there though
  14. pegg

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    is Subiaco where they have a "turtle crossing " sign on road ? .... we always liked driving through the place , some nice old properties ;o)
  15. I love this !!! "I presume I’ll get maximum points since I’m reasonably well educated." ...... Those that know - know