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  1. So, this is where we are now ....

    Yup, Lifes an adventure .... sure we will be back
  2. So, this is where we are now ....

    ok stormy .. cheers
  3. So, this is where we are now ....

    Cheers Guys , we are settling back into work / home life ..... but constantly on our mind is the fact that our perm visa will expire 2021 , So if we are heading back we need to do so before then. But we had a great time and stacks of happy memories and if it wasnt for the circumctances we would still be there ........ We just had to think on our feet and return to get clarity ! And yes we wont be strangers - As feel we may need advice pretty soon ;o)
  4. So, this is where we are now ....

    Thanks @SarahL , @Jen78 ..... Just hard when you use your entire savings to finance a move and sell the family home i built ..... And now having to start again ! But hey , yep we have the option to return if situations change :o) Miss them sunsets though guys ;o)
  5. So, not been on here for months ... and notice forum has had a little update ! Anyhow, Myself ( Paul ) , Lisa and two children moved to Mullaloo June 2016....... ....... But sadly now August 2017 , We are back in the UK ! Our minds are a wreck and just trying to piece our lifes back together ...... but lifes not great to be honest. So sorry, to anyone that may have tried to message us , But Western Australia is firmly in our hearts and we plan to return again someday. Much love guys , enjoy that sun x
  6. Where are yooouu? :)
    1. pegg


      see me latest post dude !


  7. Flights booked, here we come!!

    Hey , good luck guys x
  8. Nurses Thread!

    PMH - casual pool ?
  9. Flight question quicky ?

    yes Skscanner has been our main tool ……. we have ages yet but just thinking in advance )
  10. Nurses Thread!

    Is it worth mentioning on this thread - there is alot of talk on the news over here regarding WA jobs - for WA folk. Also this year lowest amount of nursing jobs for new Australian qualified nurses.
  11. Flight question quicky ?

    cheers Stormy ….. where just going off experiance from UK )
  12. Hey just a quicky …. So we where looking to book a trip to the UK a year from now ( or bit less ) - Anyhow just wondered - as in the UK we got best price from internet etc - then went to travel agent to book - choose seats etc. So question is - am i best to do all on line or can we go to agent …… Also any recomendations - where NOR . Thanks in advance )
  13. What do you miss?

    only been here 6 months but miss - the feeling of dashing down to Cornwall …………...the Cornish coastline, Cornish pasties,cream teas , pint of Tribute….. Ahhhhhh ;o)
  14. PR granted

    fab news x