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  1. Ielts

    I think we found alot of good info on how to read/ understand questions on ielts via youtube . Enjoy
  2. Duncraig Senior high school

    Hey guys , just looking if any of you have kids at Duncraig senior high school ...... Our first stint in Oz , left us less than impressed with the last high school our child attended . Sooo Just looking for feedback on Duncraig. My wifes old managers Son attended and she spoke very highly ..... but just after anymore feedback . cheers guys
  3. Hi , yep will bare you in mind , however where not planning on landing until feb 2019 . thanks
  4. Teenage boys tapping area

    crikey this was our problem .... every kid at shool didnt want to come out afetr school or weekends .... summer hols was a nightmare due to friends just spending time with there family - aunty / uncles etc ! We tried to get our son into a club - and i think second time round , we will try to force this a little more. Anyhow good luck and i hope all goes well
  5. well we where on mullaloo drive - Kallaroo/mullaloo boarder which was fab. But area wise from scarborough - Alkimos we reckon !
  6. weve spoke to a lady at a company that has a few house's on there books which seem promising. But to be fair Stormy we where their for a year .... and being reminded of UK is not what we want , we want to give it another go to see now - a year on if our son finds it any easier. Or at least to gain a further 12 months + to validate our perm visa ! But yes Ali , the lady with the comapany we spoke with offers house's form $500 - $1200 per week..... but at least we know the areas we want to be . anyhow ... thanks guys .. ( and suns out today in UK yippee ) !!
  7. Hey, so if all goes to plan we will be returning in Feb 2019 . However we are thinking as the first time didnt go so swell to maybe look at renting a furnished home for 12 months - Then ship everything when we know our whole family is commited . So, been looking on gumtree and a theirs a few on there from $500 - $1200 etc .... fancying scarbs ! Just wondered any other ideas or avenues to look into? Just to save on shipping really..... Cheers guys
  8. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    We often nip to Porthtowan ..... nice spot , absolutely love Cornwall , but yes there was snow in Cornwall again ! We are heading to mawganporth for a week ...... lush
  9. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    Just like to say .... when is this winter going to end in the UK !!!! snow again !!!! in march !!!! Suposed to be going surfing next week in Cornwal BRRRRRR
  10. Thanks @Jen78 yep things are so much better , so much clearer now for us all as a family . Our biggest problem is that if we where millionares and could live 6 months in Perth then the other 6 months in the UK we would ..... We have so much love for both countries - we really do . We all miss the ocean though , it seems like a dream that only a year ago we where swimming in the sea, just a short walk from our house on mullaloo drive every day after school !!!! ARGHHHH ! But hey lifes for living - nothing is forever , so im sure this time next year well be back in that lush ocean
  11. You know , we definatly would be if still there ! Have a great time and enjoy the sun ! Its been a long horrid cold winter here in the UK brrrr
  12. Homesick

    when i describe perth to folk i know - the best way to describe is its "like the trueman show" But yep i honestly have 50/50 feelings for Perth and suburbs As i do the UK. ..... But yep as stormy said - perhaps counselling . And youre doing right by being honest and confronting your feelings . Hope all goes well
  13. school and travelling

    Hey thanks Ema , really nice advice thankyou. Yes , we are just trying to soften the experience for him ..... Its such a hard age and so important to his education , We do not want to screw his life up. My wife's job is still secure - So it may be better to find somewhere and settle, perhaps leave the travelling across Oz for a couple of years. anyhow, thanks again Ema
  14. school and travelling

    Hi all, So after a year in Perth then back to the UK ( ping pong ).......... We feel our adventures are not over. We are not settled here in the UK , we just feel restless i guess. We do fancy travelling from perth around Oz ...... But first maybe really explore Western Australia perhaps . However our son ( who really struggled in Oz ) is about to start his high school for last 2 years in prep for gcse's this september. A very important time ! So i guess im wondering should we leave this idea for 2 years - but then its A levels ? ..... Or could we home school ? and nip back to UK for final gcse exam etc ??? Just any ideas for different education methods ???? It is hard for us , as we have left part of our hearts in WA .... yet our son whos 14 really hates the idea - But we just want him to live alittle ....... i dont know ! Any thoughts or opinions please get back :o)
  15. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    Hi @Mrsr1976 Well i have suffered with serious winter blues all my life .... i work outside , yet the long dark winter really gets me down. Dark mornings and the night getting dark sooo early! I will never take medication - but i try to eat well , live well etc etc ............ ............... Anyhow - we landed in Perth in Ozzy winter and i can say that daily sun was amazing - the fact you can hang your washing out in the Perth winter sun was amazing . I also really enjoyed the winter storms , but yes the sun - for me made me feel alot better. However it does get dark very very early in Western Australia - so i personally did find the night times hard ...... and it does drop cold at night. I hope this helps ........ I know SAD can be very difficult , But all i know is that ive been in Oz for a year - now im back in the UK ... Which winter do i prefure ? Western Australia winter for sure!