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  1. English Rose

    Hairdresser NOR

    Hi all. I am looking for a decent hairdresser NOR. Thanks xx
  2. Hi we would like to come. 2 adults and 2 children. Looking forward to it. x
  3. English Rose

    who saw you off at the airport ??

    We said goodbyes/ see you soons at home not the airport. It's too upsetting but doesn't feel so bad once you are on your way. I've done it twice and would always say don't let family and friends go to the airport. It's the start of your adventure once your at the airport!
  4. English Rose

    Edgewater primary and catchment areas

    Hi all, We have seen a lovely rental in Edgewater. Does anyone have any information on the primary schools around there? What is the catchment area for Edgewater or where could I find this out please? I need to put my 6 year old into school as wasn't sure what schools were good in this area. Thanks J x
  5. English Rose

    Iluka Suburb

    It was Sanur Rise Druid but we are not going for it now. Too far for my hubby to work I think. Back to the drawing board. Xx
  6. English Rose

    Iluka Suburb

    Hi all, we have seen a lovely rental in Iluka but not sure of the area. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks Jo
  7. English Rose

    Bull Creek

    Hi all, What's Bull Creek like to live ? Also the primary schools? thanks
  8. English Rose

    We are here! ! :)

    Thanks all, even though my daughter was sick on the plane, and now has chicken pox. She is covered bless her!! Xx
  9. English Rose

    We are here! ! :)

    Hi there We are living in South Perth in a holiday apartment until our shipment arrives. We will be looking at suburbs to find a rental but not sure where to move to. I need to think about schools for my daughter. x
  10. English Rose

    We are here! ! :)

    Hi all, Just thought I would share that we are now here. Getting used to life back here. The kids are loving it so far. We are just trying to sort things out. We don't have a car as yet but we are living in a holiday home right on the foreshore and there are cafes, shops and everything we need so we are all good so far. My husband starts work next week. That will be a shock for him and me with the kids. Leaving everyone was really hard but it didn't feel as hard as the first time round. I do feel guilty taking my children away from the grandparents. But they understand the reasons why we have moved back. Even though it was hard leaving everyone. Now we are back i feel like it is the right move. Something just feels right this time. Watching my children laughing and playing in the park makes me happy and smile knowing they are happy. It's such a lovely place for the children. Anyway i am babbling on but just wanted you to know if you are on this journey like us, it is so hard and not many but really worth it. Just stay positive and remember why you want to move here. Thanks everyone Jo Xx
  11. English Rose

    3 sleeps!!!

    All the best Jess, good luck and thinking of you all. We will be in the same position next week, as we fly out on the 18th. Very emotional week seeing lots of friends and family. You and your family will be fine. I look forward to meeting you when we are there. Take care Jo.xx
  12. Hi all, I have been searching for holiday homes. We are flying over in the next couple of weeks, and won't get our shipment until January. So thought of staying in a holiday apartment. But due to the time of year, and availability. I have managed to find one on South Perth for $135 a night which will cost a fortune for being there so long. Does that sound about right? My husband will be working in the city and his base is Midvale even though I doubt he will be working there much, so we don't want to be too far out. i did check with Tracey at oz house rentals and they do not really have anything suitable. i just wanted to check that I wasn't getting ripped off, so to speak! thanks in advance Jo
  13. English Rose


    I just have to with riverscapes through stayz. Really expensive but guess its the time of year!
  14. English Rose

    Dubai stopover

    Hi all, We are stopping over in Dubai for two nights before coming to Perth as we now have our visa. Yay!! But not got a clue where to stay for our family with two small children. Any suggestions would be most welcome. thanks Jo xx
  15. English Rose

    Any florists out there??

    Hi Amy, So sorry for late reply it has been a crazy few weeks. We Completed our house sale, and received our visa in the same week. We now live with our inlaws and fly out 18th November, having a stop over in Dubai, which I am searching for hotels but not got a clue where to stay. We are staying in a holiday apartment near the city which is costing a fortune but I guess it's the time of year. Would be great to meet sometime. Sorry my shipment has left regarding sundries ! I remember Leedaville not being very big. I guess it is totally different there regarding floristry, just knowing the different flowers you can get on the time of year and the availability! You'll get there though you have a great deal of knowledge and experience. You will be great Stay in touch. Take care.xx