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  1. jo and scott

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    thanks for your replies :-) I think it would be great if mil went out, hired a car, but she comes on her own, so I think it would feel odd, so its just me and her all day every day, even when ive met up with friends, she came along, which was fine. but I felt suffocated after a while. we all took my mil to the airport, we were a little bit sad, for about 5 minutes ! I balled my eyes out all the way home to secret harbour when I dropped my mum at the airport tho :-( im trying to think of ways to cope when she comes out again, I don't want it to be stressful, but I am already feeling anxious :-/
  2. jo and scott


    i remember feeling totally excited, not nervous, just couldn't wait to get here ! woohoo !
  3. jo and scott

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    Good luck pegg! I loved having my mum here. Maybe it's because it was just for 2 weeks so we did have a great time! I would just rather mil come in Feb. We lived with her for a long time whilst saving up for the visa so I feel awful. She's very demanding and I just can't cope with her and the girls at the same time.
  4. jo and scott

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    Thankyou :-) both our mums have been out to visit, my mum came at Easter for 2 weeks, she still works full time. It was great but she has decided on 3 weeks next time. We can't wait, our girls are excited too!! My mil arrived in January and stayed for 6 weeks, she's retired. I found this quite difficult as the girls wanted to go to the park / meet their friends, we'd only been here 11 weeks! She wanted to do different things to the girls. She won't drive or go out by herself. I've said to her it would be really lovely for her to visit for 3 weeks in February, she replied to Scott, if it's not convenient for me to stay, then I'll stay in a hotel. Basically I'm not bothered when is okay for you, I'll do what I like! I'd like to go camping with friends in January as it's the school holidays. She would not want to go camping. I can't cope with her whilst the girls are off school. Like you say, visitors are on holiday and we're not. Scott spoke to her this week and asked her when she's coming out and she said just after Christmas When it's just mil and myself, we have an ok time but she's not the easiest person to be around.
  5. Hi pp how do you cope with families visiting for long periods of time?
  6. jo and scott

    Airport transfers

    The owner of our holiday let picked us up for a small fee.
  7. jo and scott

    Where is your favourite place to have a coffee

    I really like Spill the Beans café in Rockingham.
  8. jo and scott

    I know no one will care but ......

    IKNOWC but I cant believe we have been here for 9 1/2 months !! loving it too :-))
  9. I went to aldi in rockingham today, I didn't like it, I prefer coles and woolies. I bought a few bits tho. I was checking the prices and they were not cheaper.
  10. jo and scott

    Schools - Secret Harbour??

    we live in secret harbour, our girls go to comet bay and love it !! years 5 and 6. we looked around comet bay college too, which we were really pleased with, a few years back it wasn't that good but its good now. there are certain areas of secret harbour that are better than others, even the real estate told us which areas to avoid which was good.
  11. jo and scott

    what to do prior to shipping?

    we are going to use anglo pacific and my understanding is that you list what is in each box ie box 1 - books / dvds box 2 - cds / clothes this is what we are doing. you don't have to list each individual item. hope this helps :-)
  12. jo and scott

    what to do at singapore airport / 11 hour layover time !

    thinking about it now, I wish we had a 2 hour stopover, I feel like its a waste sleeping in that time, I could spend that time sleeping on the next flight, scott thinks we will be buzzing at Singapore and wide awake lol !!!
  13. jo and scott

    what to do at singapore airport / 11 hour layover time !

    oh no :-/ hopefully I will sleep on the flight. I cant even imagine what the flight is going to be like !! xx
  14. jo and scott

    what to do at singapore airport / 11 hour layover time !

    thanks ! ive checked out the airline and there is lots to do, I just hope we are not too tired to enjoy it all :-/
  15. hi pp, we have an 11 hour layover time at Singapore airport, what is there to do for us and our 2 girls aged 9 and 11 ? so far ive found out about the swimming pool, butterfly garden, the 2 hour bus tour, by the time we have done all that and had some food I don't know if there would be enough time for anything else, I do feel the need to go to raffles for a Singapore sling tho ;-) thanks !