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  1. Hi all, My wife and other poms have stalls at the Megamarket today at HBF Arena Joondalup. It's on 11-4 and has free entertainment for the kids, face painting and loads of stalls for you to grab a bargain or 3. Say hi to us on Artwork by Lunaqwa's stall Cheers James & Bev
  2. We used DogTainers to bring our cats across from Sydney to Perth & they were brilliant on that if that helps
  3. http://www.seek.com.au/job/25432042 We are currently looking for an experienced estimator from within the aluminium windows & doors market to join one of the largest commercial installation companies in Perth. knowledge of BS stds esp around glass sizes for human impact, windloads, disability and U-values would be very desirable. For the right candidate we can help with visa etc to get you Please contact me if you have any questions Thanks Jay
  4. The company I work for are looking for a Project Manager for our Commercial Glazing company in Perth. We can't offer a visa I'm afraid but if you are coming over with experience from the glazing market and want to chat about a job we'd love to hear from you. PM for details and will send you info. thanks Jay
  5. JaynBev

    Has Perth lived up to your expectations?

    Just past the year in here & it's been so much more than we could have expected. Things we thought we'd do we've found we dont have time for as there so much more to do & it's so rewarding.
  6. JaynBev

    New Years eve

    Hello everyone, our first NYE here and we know not many places do events but wondered if anyone can suggest some events worth looking into? We're thinking something in the CBD or on the train line. We are up in Joondalup so Mandurah might be a bit far - lol
  7. JaynBev

    Curtain Walling Project Manager

    Hi, The market here is a little down on previous years but still compared to Europe it's doing really well. Send me a PM with any questions etc and be happy to help. Ta
  8. Hello all, The company I'm working for is looking for an experience Curtain Walling Project Manager to help run some of our larger projects. Ideally with experience of Australian systems such as Capral Aluminium but anyone here or coming here with previous knowledge would be great. Sorry folks I don't think theres a visa available for this so we'd need one already in place. PM if you are interested or know anyone that might be. Cheers James
  9. Oh to have a house in the UK thats worth anything!! We're going to have to send money back to the UK just to cover the loss on the damn house we can't sell over there.
  10. Morning all, We're halfway through a 12 month rental in Joondalup and I've had to change jobs. As such I'm now working SOR and the company want me to look at moving closer to the office. It's a 3 bed townhouse nr ECU. We've got a chance of a place but want to know how we go about leasebreaking? Do we speak to our landlady first? Do we try to advertise & find someone or does she? Any tips from people who've done this? ta Jay n Bev
  11. JaynBev

    Job Vacancy

    Might know someone who's interested, whats the store?
  12. JaynBev

    Ex-Directory Phone Listing

    Hello, Is there a way to go ex-directory? A company (we think good old Telstra) have sold our number along with others to marketing companies. We now get between 2 & 5 calls a day offering us rubbish we don't want. Ideally we don't want to change number but this is getting stupid. ta J n B
  13. JaynBev

    Christmas in July

    Hey folks, Who's seen the best location for Xmas in July events?? We saw the offer at Elmars on the Swan River but it's groups of 40 or more!
  14. JaynBev

    Nothern get together

    nothing that we are aware of currently up North. If you have no plans for the weekend, some of us are going to the GoodFood show at Perth Convention centre this Saturday and possibly a pub crawl in the city afterwards. Tickets are on ticketek if you fancy joining us give us a PM for a number
  15. We scanned all our documents going back 12 months if it was a monthly statement & 5 years if it was annual (ie mortgage statements). We then brought over paper versions of our last 6months worth of info (or last yearly statement). Six months in & haven't needed anything but least we got them. Really useful docs thou are your medical & dental records but again have a copy scanned.