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  1. I'm still unpacking boxes after 4 weeks
  2. It is hard to make friends, but remember in UK you have people you grow up with so they know you inside and out. Happy to meet up if you fancy it. No hidden agenda!!!! i am a 48 year old single mum with a 22 year old daughter and 9 year old boy. (plus a 26 year old boy who lhas been here 8 years) Living in Waikiki so PM me if you fancy meeting. I am off work next week. karol
  3. Try looking at other areas such as St John of God Healthcare and also Silverchain. They are private and don't advertise jobs on the department of health site but might have suitable roles for you. i have taken a leap back from associate director of nursing to a ward nurse post. Love it and it is helping me to learn about healthcare here as there are a few differences in the way they work. karol
  4. Oh that is great, bet you are nervous and excited. Let me know when you are here and have come up for air and we can work something out xx
  5. Hi both, let me know what would be good for you. I am new to this site too so not sure of the etiquette yet Karol
  6. Hi all, i am a single mum living in Waikiki with my 22 year old daughter and 9 year old son. We moved out in January to be with my older son and would love to meet up with some other families. My daughter and I are quite shy but fine once you get to know us ? i am a nurse and work shifts and my daughter is a student nurse so we don't get much chance to socialise but if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee or lunch let us know. We would love to hear from you.