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  1. Hi, I am trying to find a Christmas party function with entertainment, that our work place can book into. I thought I got lucky and found a Gatsby Night at a Mecure hotel - only it is in Scotland! Any recommendations of hotels offering any party packages in Perth - dont want a exclusive venue, just to book a couple of tables, meal, entertainment/DJ and maybe sleep over (if its a hotel)? Any thoughts - all I can find is possibly booking onto a 'party boat'...
  2. shelz

    underwear :-)

    Hi all, Just collecting thoughts at the moment..... I have been dissappointed by the small choice of bra's for larger cup ladies and the price, and was thinking of having some shipped over from the UK - what are your thoughts on possibly being able to buy a selection of UK bras over in Perth? Any particular designs, brands that may be of interest to anyone? Thanks
  3. shelz

    What bugs are biting us?

    You could go to a bulk billed GP if you have PR? and be careful if you want a allergy test, make sure it is clinically evidenced and maybe you might find a answer, we had terrible bites from ants - that we happened to be allergic to!
  4. shelz

    Senior High School

    We had the same thoughts when we came accross and we had a list of government secondary schools that we wanted to live in the catchment area of - our personal list was - Shenton College (naturally), Churchlands, Carine, Duncraig and Woodvale. We found that rentals in Shenton College and Churchland areas were very expensive if you wanted a 4x2 with a pool. We managed to find a rental in Sorrento which is a very nice suburb and catchment area of Duncraig - we have been very pleased with them upto now. Burns beach is a very nice area! You could consider going private (much cheaper than UK private schooling), if thats where you wanted to live. It is very hard and always difficult to know where your children will settle. When we are ready to buy it is unlikely we will be buying in Sorrento due to the prices of the area, so will be going further out, but will still be travelling from where we buy in the future to keep him at the same school. Hope that helps :-)
  5. shelz

    GCSE dilemma:(

    Hi, I presume you are on PR visas? July next year is a little while away, would you be able to manage off one wage coming in? The job market is difficult at the moment, taking longer to get employment but if you like Perth, and you have PR visa's I would be looking at keep trying for employment and looking how you can reduce any outgoings, if you can manage hopefully your son will be able to stay in the school he has settled in - good luck.
  6. shelz

    Out of school care/clubs

    HBF Arena in Jonndalup is reasonable especially when getting the CCR if you are on a PR visa, and is their a Chipmunks local to you? They also provide holiday care
  7. Hello, Once you have PR, you can complete an application for child care rebate, and depending on your earnings child tax benefit and Medicare. It may take a while to get processed though! Think thats the limit from Centre link as a new PR holder - only if you have children can you claim anything. Hope that helps :-)
  8. Hello, We have been searching jobs online with various websites - just wondering if there is somewhere you can visit like a job centre where most vacancies would be advertised? We are around Duncraig/Sorrento but can travel if need be :-) Just need to view what's available - noticed that WA corrections service have all their training positions closed at the moment :-( - and noticed that you seem to need certificates or experience already needed in that advertised field even when a lot of jobs say are advertised as Trainee :-/
  9. shelz

    phoning UK

    Thanks - i was a bit worried about ringing the parents - they are not internet savvy at all and there internet connection is poor where they live - at least i can call them knowing im not running up a bill for them
  10. shelz

    phoning UK

    Hello, We have landed and will provide an update soon - but quick question please .... i have a Australian phone with inclusive unlimited calls and texts to UK - so when i ring family will they be charged to take my call or text on landlines or mobiles??? Don't want to be ringing them often if it is gonna cost them a fortune x Thanks in advance ?
  11. Hopefully this does'nt start me daydreaming that I can get a $1000 a week house for $550 lol :-) How much would you generally reackon we could knock off per week? We have generally been looking between $500-$700 max per week. hmmm food for thought ...
  12. Thank you for your replies - its really helpful :-) Mostly appears to be bond plus 2 or 4 weeks/month in addition from your responses - i guess it depends on the agent... Guess we could email the agent before viewing to ask how much upfront?? Would this be advisable?
  13. Hello, We will be looking for a long term rental from 8th January 2016 and been looking on realestate.au - it does highlight how much the bond is, but not how much rent upfront is in addition to this? What is the norm? I should have a job contract by then and commence work on 4th January? So will be able to provide some evidence that I am earning. Thanks in advance :-)
  14. shelz

    13 days in ....our update

    We have extra luggage with SA and we have a 3 day stop over in Singapore??
  15. shelz

    13 days in ....our update

    Thanks for you responses - was hoping for a decent phone so I can facetime, mobile emails, etc which you cant do on a cheap phone - but will check out options when we arrive- my Samsung is playing up and ready for an upgrade but don't want to do this in UK. Thanks for the heads up with SA - I have only had the information about the extra luggage verbally so yes I might ring them and ask for a email. We fly out 5 weeks on Monday so getting close now - although not really sinking in yet :-/