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  1. ROB T

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    .....and it will keep going up. Next stop $2.20 only a few weeks away IMO.
  2. ROB T

    what are you doing at this moment

    Going for a full update / review Odies when we return and are able to offer full opinions. BTW the weather over here right now is pretty shocking even by British summer standards. Rob
  3. ROB T

    what are you doing at this moment

    Lying in bed on a Sunday morning back in the UK knowing that we made the correct choice in moving to Perth.
  4. ROB T

    Are bed's the same size in OZ?

    Agree with above comparisons. Oz sizes are just 30mm longer & wider than UK equivalent.
  5. ROB T

    Back In UK

    Hi to all PP's. Swapped Ozzie cafe life for a 6 week stint in the UK seeing friends & family. Weather is up to its old tricks, you know how it is wind and rain etc etc. Been in Perth nearly two years now and this is our first visit back so looking forward to posting our thoughts and observations when we return. Cheers, Rob
  6. ROB T

    what are you doing at this moment

    Getting prepared for our first and hopefully busy Mother's Day weekend down at the cafe.
  7. ROB T

    Neglecting PP

    Not a chance Bean, can't wait to meet up with you guys.
  8. ROB T

    Neglecting PP

    Thanks JP, all is going well and really settled now here in Perth.
  9. ROB T

    my first week

    Pleased you like it Odies. I am down there nearly all the while TBH but just happened not to be when you turned up, typical. PM me when you are next going to make the trip. Rob
  10. ROB T

    Neglecting PP

    Anyhow I trust life is good with you both (Bean + Elfie).... Hope you have been behaving yourself Elfie?? Also where are you at the moment Bean, over here or over there?.... Lol
  11. ROB T

    Neglecting PP

    Blimey, never thought I'd miss this place so much ..... sniff.
  12. ROB T

    my first week

    Hi Odies, please all is well, you didn't happen to pop down the cafe the other day did you??
  13. ROB T

    Neglecting PP

    Hi to all. It appears that over the last few months I have been neglecting PP (not good) and so I therefore would like to make an apology. Management of time seems to have got the better of me and I simply can't believe where the last six months have gone since Dome Butler opened its doors for the first time; sorry for the plug.....again. It seems I may have had a visitor at the cafe this week from a PP member? so sorry that I missed you. Typical really as I am always down there and love catching up with PP members. Anyhow, all is good at the mo and we are deffo well and truly settled here in Perth having been here for nearly 2 years with work treating us kindly also. Hello and welcome to all the new members who have appeared on this wonderful forum since I was here last. I now vow to post more regularly in future. Cheers, Rob
  14. ROB T

    what are you doing at this moment

    Enjoy Elfie....
  15. ROB T


    Hi Keefo we have a cafe in Butler (but you probably knew that anyway) and we employ mostly Butler based staff who are a pretty good bunch TBH; the cafe regulars are also very friendly and welcoming......mostly... Lol. Rob