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  1. odies

    Thank You Moneycorp and Our Members

    thank you, it was our first meet up, really enjoyed the afternoon
  2. odies

    meet up all ages

    will try Deb xx
  3. odies

    oldies meet up , north

    ok, hope to see you soon
  4. hi, have not been on here for ages but we have decided to do a meet up for those who have come across as grandparents or anyone else who is over a certain age and would like to come. We are meeting at the Indian Brewing Company "indie " a pub in Mindarie at 2pm on sunday 21 st, for a " sunday Session " We see loads for those young with children but haven't seen any for us young at heart.
  5. odies

    what are you doing at this moment

    I am here, my account was disabled , and I look in every now and again, but nobody I know bar the people who always had a go at what i said. So I go on different ones now. I have been here for 15 months, we are enjoying ourselves, made friends with many off this forum and enjoy their company. I hope you are well Rossy being retired isn't everything it's cracked up to be. Yes lots to do but once its done ??? joined lots of different things but we are a bit in-between to old for the majority who are coming over with young children and to young for all the seniors clubs.
  6. odies

    what are you doing at this moment

    We have 2 friends from the internet who have come over at christmas waiting for their 143 to come through, they came on a holiday visa, their visa came through a couple of weeks ago, they went over to Bali and came back to validate. Might see you soon then
  7. odies

    what are you doing at this moment

    So pleased for you Steely, nearly there.
  8. odies

    what are you doing at this moment

    I wait results in 2 weeks, but feel good about them. However Steely do not worry about doctors or hospitals here, and I do not have any insurance
  9. odies

    flying to Perth today!

    safe journey and the sun has come out properly today for you
  10. odies

    what are you doing at this moment

    had my very first hospital day today, at Joondalup, and I can honestly say it was so much better than the NHS. It was organised, 2 phone calls before to check everything , run smoothly on time, kept informed of the procedure and all free. I have not taken any insurance and I only waited 2 months for the procedure. Plus the hospital looked like a Bupa private hospital in the Uk. I may have dropped lucky but great.
  11. odies

    Wonderful, wonderful Australia

    lovely to hear about your new life getting started x
  12. odies


    hi, I bought a TEAC set top recordable box from Good Guys for my older Sony, works fine. With another Sony it has worked by tuning in to other in country. I have also bought a new tv and bought a minix box from Tech Shop boys for $300 it gets all sky,bbc player, all movies for this one off payment, it is fantastic.
  13. odies

    Using an agent

    hi, we also did a 143 visa. We have today received the keys to our house and had the container arrive , so excited and shattered at the same time. We have found winter to be very pleasant ,easy to change over to Oz documents and travel very easy to get around.The news is very different seems lots of crime and cars driving into houses but with not a lot to report it does seem to be different, but much better than listening to immigration etc. We are enjoying it and really looking forward to spring/summer and love being part of the grandchildrens life.
  14. odies

    Using an agent

    I did my own contributory visa, we are here in Oz now, 4 months in. I found it no hassle if you need support just ask on here we will always help. The worst bit is the waiting it takes so long.