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    Looking for part time Admin work nor, if anyone knows or hears of anything.
  2. Iam wanting to get back to work part-time. Iam looking for an administrative role north of the river if anyone knows or hears of anything. It will be greatly appreciated.
  3. LornaM

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Iam not going to be able to make it today. But please let me know if anyone wants to meet another time.
  4. LornaM

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hi Hope your settling in ok, we have been here now for 18 mths, iam 38 and hubby 43 with 2 girls 9 and 5. we are currently in Jindalee not a million miles away, if you ever fancy getting together give us a shout. lorna
  5. LornaM

    Anyone in the jindalee area ?

    Hi Debra Iam Eden Beach. I have one child in full time and the other 2-3 days. Tuesday's are best for me if you fancy a coffee or walk or both. ?
  6. LornaM

    Meet up with toddlers

    Would Iove to meet. I have made some enquiries about the Butler playgroup but it seems to be for younger children. may it it a go anyway . x
  7. LornaM

    Meet up with toddlers

    Hi there. Have just moved to Eden beach at Jindalee and was wondering if anyone as a little or who would like to meet up. Or can anyone tell me what's local to do ?
  8. LornaM

    Toddler groups

    Hi there just wondering if you could recommend any play groups or kiddles parks. We have just moved into rental in Eden beach. Jindalee. And are looking for where to take / entertain my 4yr old. many thanks
  9. LornaM

    Toddler groups

    Happy to meet sometime?
  10. LornaM

    Toddler groups

    We made the move to Perth 2 weeks ago.And are currently staying in Ocean Reef and will be moving to Jindalee in a few weeks. I have an 8yr old who's in school and a 3yr old. For which iam looking for some kind of mother toddler group for. If anyone has any recommendations please.?