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    Migration advise for a Painter/decorator

    Aged 33, I think NVQ 2 with roughly 8 years experience, most of which may have been running his own business. I am aware of the points system and the need for skills assessment and English requirements as I did the process myself as a nurse. It's very early enquiringly stages for him at the moment and I'm just helping out. Just a few pointers if any would be appreciated. Thanks again
  2. I am hoping for some advise for a relative. He is 33yr old painter/decorator looking to start the process but he has been advised by an agent that he would not be eligible although I'm not aware of the full details. I'm curious to find out the process of a painter and decorator who has successfully migrated and what they have had to do once arriving to obtain work I.e further certifications etc? Any help would be appareciated. TIA
  3. Larad86

    Various household items.

    Blower/vac...is this a Vacuum cleaner? If so how old, make etc? May be interested for a friend Also where are you based?
  4. Larad86

    Children's nurse worries

    @ninja as long as you have degree in nursing there is no reason why you would not be registered. I have recently received my Australian nursing registration in principals its children's nursing degree. If you have a diploma then yes you would have difficulty obtaining registration. What visa option are you intending to take. If you, like myself are planning to go via the visa 189, this is skilled migrant visa which gives you permanent residency. You do not necessarily have to have 3 years working experience. You gain points for 3-5 years experience but you do NOT have to them if you are able to make the points up somewhere else which will most likely be in the English criteria. You are required to have a skilled assessment carried out by the agency ANMAC who provide evidence of your skill, they only require you to have been qualified and working for at least 3 months full time or equivalent part time. It is wirth you going in to the immigration website and finding the visa option you are wanting (I'm guessing you want 189) they give you a points calculator. If I can achieve maximum points on the English section (which I am working on) I have a total of 65 points out of the required 60 and I don't have 3 years post grad experience. I hope this helps. I think you have a bit of research to do but I think there is nothing starting the process now.
  5. Larad86

    Nursing Jobs

    if there are limited/no nursing jobs and redundancies p, what is the status of the new Perth children's hospital. although I know building has been delayed it will still be quite a large hospital needing nurses right? Will there not be a recruitment for this? ""Naive thinking"" i am hoping to obtain a visa 189 in the coming months and I don't think it will be a good start in our new life in oz with no job or money. Can someone shed some light. Also I know the SOL is being reviewed in July, is there a likelihood that nursing can be taken off scheduled 1. I think may application could be right on the cusp of the changes. Thank you you for help x
  6. Hi pegg, i had had the same. I emailed the case worker straight back and my understanding is that because your registration lapses soon you need a stat Dec saying that you declare that you still a nurse and have current registration... There is template link http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/documents/default.aspx?record=WD15%2f16833&dbid=AP&chksum=hHjq2w3bKf%2bZIv4FTpMusg%3d%3d you complete and get this signed and certified by NoP or JoP. (Thats my understanding anyway). Confirmation from anyone with same experience would be great. Lara
  7. Larad86

    Children's nurse worries

    Hi hi just saw your post and I thought I would just offer up my experience. So so you are a children's nurse? Why do you need adult nursing experience/degree??? Australia and the nursing registration board provide registration and jobs for children's nurses just the same applies as it does in the uk in that your scope of practice is limited to children's nursing. Australia train their nurses differently they just do 'adult nursing' and then you branch off whilst qualified. I hope that answers your questions? What visa are you looking into going over on? Lara
  8. Larad86

    Certifying documents for AHPRA and ANMAC

    ??? I sent a reply before the above which can't be seen!! It it was just saying that I sent my CV to WAGO yesterday and they have confirmed that they will get back to me in due course.
  9. Larad86

    Certifying documents for AHPRA and ANMAC

    Oh and one more thing....I am making colour copies of all the docs that I need- I have only made ONE set to be certified which I will then scan in. The original certified copies will go to ANMAC, once I get the skills assessment I can lodge the visa with the scanned certified copies and then to be registered with APRHA- ANMAC forward your stuff on....is this right?? If not how many of each document should I get certified because I would ideally not like to go back given the fee!! Thank you you kindly again!! Lara
  10. Larad86

    Certifying documents for AHPRA and ANMAC

    Thabk you you for getting back to me!! So I have sent my CV to WAGO and they have got back to me and will reply in due course. I just hope it's right the first time around. For or uni stuff- I got mailed (when I finished) something that's called an 'European Diploma Supplement' which lists all the modules I undertook and my results- is that the transcript or is that something different and will I also need my actual certificate. Again any help would be hugely appreciated- we plan to attempt going it alone so am going to rely on goodwill and advice TIA LARA
  11. Larad86

    Certifying documents for AHPRA and ANMAC

    Hello! I'm new to PerthPoms but have registered to another forum and then came across this. This is a very helpful thread for new starteres to the process. @stephanie1982 I am interested in your experience because I think it is likely that I will be taking the same path except I am hoping to go with the 189 visa as I do not have enough experience to qualify for WA sponsorship (qualified only 18months). I also HAVE to achieve 8 on the academic IELTS. if I only achieve 7's then i would have to keep taking the general until I get the 8. What at I would like to know is have you enquiredabout jobs...I have made only a few enquiries and have been told that Perth are on a recruitment freeze. Also... A CV harder than I thought! How did you start your process? Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA, Lara