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  1. Nursing jobs

    Thank you
  2. Nursing jobs

    Hi I know earlier this year that WA had a job freeze on both the public and private sector 😕 But was wondering if anyone had any undated information in regards to nursing opportunities at present x Thank you
  3. results tomorrow!!

    Good luck for tomorrow x
  4. Nursing Jobs

    Thanks for your replys it's is helpful to get an accurate idea of job opportunities x
  5. Recommended Agents

    Welcome Jen78 I've just joined recently too I've already got loads of info thanks to this forum
  6. Nursing Jobs

    Hi I would be interested to know if anybody has secured a nursing job in Perth recently? I see WA health have a job freeze on till June and was wondering if this is the same with the private sector ? Thanks
  7. Recommended Agents

    Thank you all for your replies 👍 It's much appreciated
  8. Recommended Agents

    Hey thanks so much for your recommendations. Ill have a look at their websites. Pegg are you allowed to mention who you wouldn't recommend ?
  9. Recommended Agents

    Hi I'm thinking of using an agent and wondering if anyone has recently used one and if so any recommendations if that's allowed. I was looking into using an agent about 4 years ago and the best at the time were visa bureau and Go Matlida. Had a look on Go Matilda's website and not sure if they've changed names ? Would appreciate any recommendations.
  10. results tomorrow!!

    Good Luck
  11. Visa granted !!!

    Congratulations on your visa grant
  12. AHPRA Fit2work

    Thank you for the info:cool:
  13. AHPRA Fit2work

    Hi I have started the ball rolling with my AHPRA registration and I see that there is a new requirement to provide a police check. I was wondering if any one had recently done this ? Do I need to send anything or can all the info be provided online ? And help would be appreciated Thanks
  14. Hey Perthpoms

    Hi Verystormy, Thanks for the info I wasn't aware there are now other options. Any chance you know the what they are called and I'll have a look. Although not sure if I'd still need IELTS for ANMAC Thank you
  15. Hey Perthpoms

    Thank you X Well Done on passing first time not booked my test yet but going to book soon. So need all the hints and tips I can get :-)