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  1. Kaiandtaryn

    5 months and still happy

    Hello PPs, This sunshine is just the best ... Do any of you meet up regularly for coffee, dinner, parks, beaches or whatever? We've been here 5 months now and are looking to meet more people. We have two little ones 4 and 2 and are south of the river (Winthrop, Kardinya) Best, Kai and Taryn
  2. Kaiandtaryn


    Hi PP's, I just wanted to clarify something. Does anyone know if the shipping charges have gone up? I sent over 69 cubit feet a few months ago and I got charged around £300. This time I am shipping over 44 cubic feet and being charged £439. Are reloUK trying their luck or have the shipping charges really gone up that much as described to me by my relocation specialist? Many thanks Kai & Taryn
  3. Kaiandtaryn

    Informing authorities

    Yes. We don't receive any payments from anyone. I was thinking more like the DVLA or Local school authority.
  4. Kaiandtaryn

    Informing authorities

    Hi All, We are pretty much ready to leave. I just wondered if we have to inform anyone else that we are leaving? Many thanks, Kai
  5. Kaiandtaryn

    Post brexit

    Thanks John, I'm looking for a swift/BIC code. Any ideas what this is?
  6. Kaiandtaryn

    Post brexit

    Hi All Just wondered if anyone could advise if I should do my transfers now or hold on until May when I arrive. Best Wishes, Kai & Taryn
  7. Kaiandtaryn

    What do you miss?

    From anything to Yorkshire tea to your favorite coffee shop. Is there anything that you miss in the UK that you don't have in Perth?
  8. Kaiandtaryn

    Having a panic

    Hi PP's, I have just read my Visa in depth and I am on a subclass 309 partner visa. Although it says I can work on this visa I have recently heard that it's hard to find employment as it's a provisional visa. Does anyone know if this is true? Or had any experience with this? Many thanks, Kai
  9. Kaiandtaryn

    2 days left in the UK!

    Good luck with everything.
  10. Kaiandtaryn

    PR granted

    We'll be heading to Winthrop at first. Eventually looking at buying a place in a new build area.
  11. Kaiandtaryn

    PR granted

    Hi Perth Poms, Great news! I was granted PR last week. The plan is to activate the visa in April 2017. I was just wondering, it's probably a daft question but do I need to obtain a card or stamp of some sort to prove I have PR or is it all done electronically according to my passport number? My head is going 100 miles an hour. Best Regards, Kai
  12. Kaiandtaryn

    coles or woolworths

    Spud shed! it's cheap as chips.
  13. Kaiandtaryn

    Partner Visa

    Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone new if my wife (Aussie) had to be in Australia before me as i would be the one applying for the visa? Or can we literally get off the plane at the same time? Many thanks