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  1. ktg

    Almost a year in

    Where abouts louloubelle? I did take a double take the other day as I saw a lady with her son and daughter and husband (I think) - I did think is that you?? but was unsure! I'll have to bite the bullet and say hi next time! It's a bit unnerving if you're unsure!
  2. ktg

    Case officer appointed

    We got ours 4 days after everything was submitted! Much quicker than expected - shocked our agent as well as us!!
  3. Our current rental is due to end in December. We are just starting to build our own home in Alkimos but it won't be ready until April. So we need to find a rental for 4 months in Alkimos so we can get our daughters started in school in Feb. So I thought I'd ask here if anyone know of any short term rentals (or rental companies) in Alkimos area. Thanks in advance
  4. There was but not heard anything on it for a while. Ray did a lot of the posts but I think he returned to UK.
  5. ktg

    Almost a year in

    Lovely to see your update. Great to hear all is going well. ?
  6. I had to get more evidence linked to my 4 year degree that I completed in 2000! I had a nightmare especually as my uni does not exist anymore! Luckily I managed to get hold of paper work from the uni they combined with and a total of about 145pages of evidence was submitted to get my non-practising registration. I was teaching full time until we left uk last nov. I'm not sure if schools keep records for more than 5 years. I'm still on the hunt for a teaching post - i just want to be back in the classroom (primary in my case)
  7. ktg

    Teaching in Perth

    It's such a shame though that the government let you get an early years teacher visa (which is what I've got) but then when you come to get a job the only place that needs teachers are daycare centres and my teaching qualification and 16yrs experience wasn't enough for ACECQA (day care assessing body). I have teacher registrstion in WA too but now need to do a diploma???? It's mad - my qualifications and experience were good enough for the WA government who did assessment for my permanent visa!
  8. ktg

    We are on our way....

    We've been here since nov16 and beginning to feel at home!! There are still the ups and downs but that would happen back in UK too. We have 3 daughters (10,7 &2) and although they were excited to come they found settling at school a little tricky. They're half way through school year and seem to be doing well. We live NOR in Tapping and really like it. It's close to joondalup for shopping great access to roads for north and south and not too far from beach (20 min drive). There are notices all around about different sporting groups and I'm sure the school would have flyers about local group/clubs. Good luck My brothers sister-in-law and family are arriving in a couple of weeks. So many making the move with families but we think it's the best move and once we feel financially stable we'll be able to enjoy it more!
  9. It's been a while since we tried to arrange a meet up - may be we should look at trying to organise one for early spring? Any suggestions of where we could meet? We've settled into every day life but really need to build our circle of friends!
  10. ktg

    TRBWA processing time

    I submitted a total of 147 pages of evidence in the end! I probably didn't plan my submission date well (beginning of December) and had numerous emails for additional evidence (i did a 4yr teaching degree!). I too panicked a bit about getting info as I qualified in 2000 and my course and uni aren't there any more! In the end I passed the email details of my contact from TRBWA to the 'new' uni who had all my files and they dealt direct but copied me into emails. My registration was granted mid February so mine took over the 10 weeks(but there was a holiday in that time). Now it's trying to get a teaching post is the next hurdle and has been since my registration was granted)
  11. ktg

    Teaching in Perth

    I've been here since nov16 and struggling to find a teaching post! I'm primary qualified with 16yrs experience. My visa was for early primary teacher but there are very few jobs advertised. I'm currently working as an ECT in a day care centre as I need to earn a wage but I'm having to do some additional training (at my expense) in order to meet the governing body of daycares guidelines! It's mad! I would love to get back in the classroom but can't afford to take the chance of going on relief as I have to earn a wage to help support my family. Hopefully you'll have better luck with secondary teaching jobs - there seems to be more, than primary teaching posts, advertised on the WA job page.
  12. ktg

    Odd things I've noticed since moving!

    I hate how felt tips / whiteboard pens etc are called textas (thats a brand!!) Joggers are trainers And everything gets shortened even on the tv & radio - arvo (afternoon) I agree with Jen78 - reject shop is fab. Disappointed with $2 shops not as good as £1 shops in uk! Lots of my teaching resource bits were purchased from £1 shops!!
  13. ktg

    Odd things I've noticed since moving!

    My husband gets stick at work for this - we've been here since nov16 and he still calks it joon-da-loop!
  14. ktg

    4 months in, our story so far...

    We moved to Tapping in Nov16 and although we've had ups and downs I've found Tapping to be a good place to live. Only 10min drive to shopping centre (similar in size to Trafford Centre - we're from Manchester), easy acess to roads north or south. I work in Warwick (20 min journey) and it's lovely views of lakes etc at certain parts of my journey. It takes us about 20mins to get to the beach, 30mins to get to Hilarys. I have 3 daughters but only eldest 2 are at school. They both go to Spring Hill which seems to be getting bigger by the day! It took my y5 daughter a bit of time to settle but she's made some friends. Good luck with the move
  15. ktg

    Just saying Hi

    We moved out here last Nov - I'm a primary teacher with 16yrs experience but can't get a teaching job in a school. I'm currently teaching at a daycare centre but I'm having to do a course to meet Australian standards. It's strange because our 189 visa was granted on my early years teaching! We have 3 children and that side of it has been really tricky settling them into school. If you can afford to come over first to do a reccy I'd advise it. Good luck