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  1. Hi Guvnor Hows work out there now? Hope its picking up a bit for you? LO
  2. LoveOz


    Hi, how are you getting on? Did you find some work? Would like to know what work is out there as my husband is a plasterer. Thanks
  3. Hi every one Hows every one getting on with work / moving etc? We still would like to move, but still have a lot of saving to do! Thanks LoveOz
  4. Hi Kirsteen Wow it sounds like you have had it all going on! Hows things going now? Are you all over there now? Hope all is going well. All is still a dream at the moa.... Its some times feels like it will never happen. If I had a realistic idea of how much it was going to cost, it might be easier in a way to save. I still very much want to get over there. LoveOz
  5. I like club penguin to.I have an xbox and i play LEGO bat man a lot. I some times play on my bike. I like to go to the park. I go judo it is really fun.
  6. Hi loveoz. How is your plans coming together? Hubby got a job offer in Busselton so we are heading there. he has to go over in August for 4 weeks training in Perth and then we are off to Busselton. Not sure if we are all going together or if me and kids are going afterwards. my head is all over the place at the moment Kirsteen
  7. Thank you very much for your advice. You pretty much have confirmed some of the feed back my Husband has been getting. A family of 4 couldn't live off that sort of wage over there could they? My Husband has seen some of the methods you are talking about on the net. So nice to have conformation that that is how it is done. Thanks again. LO
  8. Hi Kat No we haven't made any steps yet. Still doing our home work. Husband has been trying to find out how much work is out there, and make sure we would have enough income to keep us afloat over there. Keep us up to date on how your getting on LO
  9. LoveOz

    How long is the school day?

    Some one told me the school hours are longer over in Oz? LO
  10. LoveOz


    When I went to Oz I found that the flight brought it out, as my son was red and itchy when we first got there. After a couple of days playing on the beach and splashing in the sea water, it was cleared up!! Shame it came back by the time we got back to the uk.
  11. :ssign19: Well done, that's great!! I can see why apprehensive as well as excited. We have only been talking about moving and I feel that way Good Luck LO
  12. LoveOz

    Wish him luck

    Good Luck ! I agree, every one is so helpful. What a lovely bunch you are
  13. LoveOz

    A journey through Perth health

    Im so pleased to hear that every thing went well. How scary for you all. Your wife is very brave. Hope your wife has a fast recovery LO
  14. I thought it was you, then see another name lol Thank you, its nice to get an idea on how people are getting on over there. We went on holiday near Joondalup, we bike rode down to Hillary's. My head is so full up. I keep getting that little thought in my head, "is the grass really greener on the other side?" but I think that's just me being scared of the un-known Were still trying to work out the work over there. My husband has been looking in to it and is getting very mixed stories. Better get my self ready or I will be on the computer all day !
  15. LoveOz

    457 granted in 48 hrs yipee

    Well done Good Luck