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  1. AdamMiocevich

    Car rental

    You do need your drivers, licence and a credit card, as they will need to hold a deposit! No such thing as a silly questions
  2. AdamMiocevich

    Bank Transfers.... Best way to deal with Oz $

    What's everyone's opinion on transfering using Paypal? Seems quite simple too me.
  3. AdamMiocevich

    Making new friends in Perth

    Hey Jaymini! I totally understand what I can be like moving to a new city and not knowing anyone, can get quite lonely. Try the website Meetup, there is always something to do, that is catering to what your looking for, plently of people are looking to meetup
  4. AdamMiocevich


    Work is slowing down in W.A with the mining boom slowing, it's started a chain reaction. My personal recommendation if you alway want to have work, learn sales! If you can sell you will have work going on and it can be quite lucartive compared to a ordinary 9 to 5
  5. AdamMiocevich

    Car servicing

    I usually go with automasters down in south Fremantle.
  6. AdamMiocevich

    Recommendations for Removal companies from Melbourne to Peth

    I'd highly recommend going with kents, they provide good value for service.