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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to know if beauty qualifications that are recognised and insurabe in the U.K are transferable to Australia?
  2. Hi there, wow you sound really busy!!!! We would love to meet up. I will message you closer the time to see how you guys are getting on, and see whether you can spare a few hours, that'll be really nice. Thanks for your kind gesture:) Em x Good luck with the big moving day, you must be thrilled!
  3. Hi guys, My name's Emma, husband Mark and we have two boys aged 14 & 12. We are moving to Perth early in the New year.....we are flying out on the 2nd of December for a week for a bit of a mini holiday (organising ourselves). We are staying in Hillarys and would love to meet up with some North Perth Poms! We would really like to meet people who have made the move, if anyone's around for a friendly meet then that would be fab!
  4. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Just wanted to say hi! We plan to move out the start of next year. Like you, my name's Emma and my husband is Mark we have two boys, one in year 10 and one in year 8. We're flying out to Perth in a few weeks to do the school tour, my boys will be going into year 9 & 7. We will be moving out to live in a similar location to you guys, and like you we're just waiting for our house to sell! Had a stupid offer, but have an open day on Saturday, so I remain hopeful! So many similarities with you guys, good luck with it all.
  5. Advice on private schools

    Good to know Weedolly. Thanks I have no idea about it all!
  6. Advice on private schools

    Thanks for the insite Akasully2 very useful!
  7. Advice on private schools

    Thanks Arwen, much appreciate your reassurance. I will email their admissions to see just how difficult it is for spaces and waiting list etc....St Mark's would be a first choice for us. Getting your kids into good schools in the Uk is always a challenge, I'm sure it's like that in most places. Thanks for your reply
  8. Hi, I'm new on here and will be leaving London in October. We've got resident return visas granted. We're planning to move to Hillarys or near about, so wondered if anyone has any experience on St Mark's Anglican School or Lake Joondalup Baptist College? Can anyone tell me how the education system compares? My eldest son when we move and enroll will be in the all important GCSE stage in secondary, so I'm nervous uprooting them from a good school to the unknown. I'd rather them go private, but would listen to all advice. Many thanks. Any other advice on the move to Hillarys is also appreciated:)