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  1. Neewbie

    Telstra unused Prepaid Vouchers

    Hi, I might be interested once my current voucher runs out. Can inbox for more info and swap paypal etc. Cas.
  2. Neewbie

    Advice on what to ship?

    Thanks pep's, much appreciated info. I'm in the mind to bring everything (within reason), but still questioning washing machine and our tv's? I read somewhere to buy a front loading washing machine cost a fortune. Did anyone have problems with their container not passing customs due to certain items? Bike tyres etc. Also, we are packing ourselves, has anyone got any advice on what information is required on the 'manifest' for packing boxes etc.
  3. Neewbie

    Advice on what to ship?

    Visas finally granted (after 12months of waiting ;)) So now is the BIG move in 7weeks!! We've only been granted temp 457 so for 2years with "maybe" the potential to extend by another 2 years if position is still on the list. Anyway, hubby and I are in a quandary about what to ship? Here, we have a 3 bed house, family of 3 (DD), lots of electrical, garden, tools etc.....bikes, dog's being shipped (another story), and we have been given lots of conflicting advice and a difference of opinion as he's in logistics so has an idea of the complications when containers are held at customs! Advice required..... is it really best to pay a removals company or could I do packing and manifest myself? is it just less hassle to just sell everything up here and start again in WA? and if/when we have to rtn just face that we will have to start all over again!! Or.... Put all but required items in storage in the UK? Any advice or personal scenarios would be greatly received. ?
  4. Hi, Yes, everything was lodged together.
  5. So......last year May 2017, hubby was sponsored for a role in WA, we live in UK. Agent advised we were very straight forward application, no issues with personal history, health etc. Company had also previously sponsored so was registered with Dept of Immi and is an international organisation with numerous offices based through out OZ. We lodged application for 457 for hubby, myself and 8yr old dd. Roll on today, we have only just received email from agent to say our nomination had been processed and granted. I understand the scrapping of the 457 has dealt us with some delays but seriously, I read some had still lodged their app's after us and had them granted within 4months. How much longer will this take, please someone shed some light on this very frustrating situation. We've just been told that even though the nomination aspect has been granted our personal application may be declined. Does anyone based in WA know what may be holding up this process or anyone be in a similar situation?
  6. So, a little update...... We are STILL waiting on our visa's! Hubby's start date for position in Perth has passed and our only hope is that his sponsor will hold the position for as long as required, which they've said they would do.
  7. Some fab comments, thank you. A few answers 'Verystormy', hubby is 39 and is a specialist UK/International BDM (Business Development Manager), I cannot dumb down how good he is at what he does and his global contacts are what makes him so specialist. However, he has a fantastic role here with a Global company and would be taking a step back and a pay cut. It is definitely my husbands dream and was mine prior to it actually becoming 'very real'. It's one thing an idea being a "pipe dream", to it becoming a reality. And now I am going through all the 'if's, but's, maybe's.... and realistic facts! Which basically are - 1) We only have a temporary visa of 2years, 4years at most. 2) No need to "sugar coat" but neither of us have qualifications or skills that would provide us with path to PR. 3) We will have more outgoings and less income. 4) Our savings will be gone paying for dog, shipping, airfare 1way....let alone money aside for our return trip. 5) Perth is in a recession. 6) We actually live a comfortable life here in the UK and have both got opportunities within our careers to enable us to holiday in Oz on a yearly basis. Thank you Tulip as well for your comments. Just to add here, hubby and I are very personable but also very homely and 'hands-up' quite anti social, if I'm being very honest. I'm 37 and have the same friends since primary school. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends but I don't have to be anything but "me". I don't think I we would have a problem making new "acquaintances", and we would make the effort but neither of us are the most sociable! (Gosh we sound like a proper pair.....We are lovely honestly , I suppose we are just very selective as to who we would socialise with). I don't want to be negative at all and feel like I probably am, but I can only go on the facts and be as open and honest as I possibly can to request the honest advice back. Can anyone give me any positives based on their move or life now in Perth?
  8. All very realistic comments and I genuinely value all of them. My husband is holding onto faith that there is a way of "manipulating" PR somehow, and our agent has said there is always a way and everything to do with current gov't and 457 currently is all only in discussions. Only time will tell. Its all very confusing what to do for the right. I suppose best way is just to see it as an adventure over the next 2years and then review. Once again I really do appreciate everyone's comments and time.
  9. Neewbie

    Dog transportation

    I'm also interested in finding out how soon I would need to start the process? Are visa's (457) are still processing, however we have been assured by our migration agent that we should have these back by end of June. Hubby is due to start his new job in Perth 1st August so time is pressing. However, until we have our visa's I am not prepared to start pooch's processand the clock is ticking on everything!!
  10. Neewbie

    Dog transportation

    Hi, I've just recieved a quote from Petair to transport my dog from UK to Melbourne, and was interested to find out if you received any information about getting pooch to Perth as this is also our final destination. Any advice on your situation would be much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for all your responses and time. I have taken some of the information you have highlighted and thrown it back to our migration agent, especially regards to, which 'schedule' my husbands role falls under. I have also asked his advice on some of the other areas relating to the schooling fees and 'partners' being able to find work. Gut feeling is telling me to "pull-out" of the sell of our property!!
  12. Hey anyone who's interested in reading. I'm new to this and very anxious about an impending move 'down under'. Husband has been sponsored on a 457 visa (which is still with Immigration) within the freight industry, and has actually taken a lower role and pay cut because his dream is to live in Oz. I've always said I would support him but the figuars are just not adding up. I am a self employed Business Consultant, with numerous years recruitment experience and would look to find employment around our 7year old and his schooling. We have "zero" support, no, no-one. The position will be based in Perth and I have done as muc re-con as possible 'on-line'! Suburbs we would be interested in are South Perth, Spearwood, Coogee etc, basically 30mins from Fremantle. We are also looking at shipping our dog out. Start date is Aug 1st, so fast approaching. We have just sold our house here so would be looking to leave the UK owning, oweing zero to litereally start a new life in Oz. We would look to rent initially with the intention to buy ASAP (but we aren't sure and haven't been able to get any reliable advice on buying based on the visa being a 457). My main questions are costs.......cost of everything.......living, shopping, schooling, medicare, renting? Quality of life......is it really worth all the 'stress, excitment/anxiety' that I seem to be going through? I now nothing is permanent, but this is a massive move and one that I need to seriously think through. I think my husband is wearing 'rose tinted glasses' and I suppose I am just after some reasurance from other's who have been in similar situations. Any help, advice, guidence......will be much appreciates.