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    For sale: Hyundai elantra 2005 - $2995

    They are not all like this!!! This one is in great condition, the body work is almost brand new, I made sure I kept it that way. Interested??? Cheers
  2. I'm selling my car of 2 1/2 years. It was bought the first week we migrated and has been a great car. Great runner never missed a beat or required anything other than a service and tyres. Serviced 3 weeks ago and rego'd till 13/5/2015. Located in Kinross It is now our second car so we are selling it due to getting a smaller car as a second car SMS Steve: 0406 488 928 or reply to this thread. Any questions please ask
  3. stelol1

    Pickfords booked for 14th of jan 2013

    Hi Paula, hope the move went well and your settling in. Drop me a line if you fancy meeting up x
  4. Thanks loads Damien and Michelle, had a great time. What a lovely bunch of people. hopefully i will organise another meet in a few weeks if anyone up for it. Thanks again Laura and Steve and family x
  5. yeah we were about two weeks too. Best of luck
  6. stelol1

    hi everyone , new to the forum

    Best of luck, where are you heading to in perth laura
  7. Hi Emma Sounds good, I'm afraid this wee Thursday and Friday are out for me but any other time. Sorry do you mean this week . Do you fancy Mawson park at flinders avenue or if you have any other suggestions feel free x Laura
  8. Just wondered how you guys are now settling. We have been here a month and finding it hard with no school on and no clubs. We are from glasgow and have 3 boys 8,6 and 1. Laura
  9. Hi cathy , there a few of us heading to kings park on Thursday if you fancy. Can't mind the time but ill get back to you if ok. Xlaura x
  10. Hi cathy, we are in currambine not far from you. We arrived at the end of November and I know exactly what you mean with kids driving you mental. Mine are boys 8, 6 and 1 year . It's hard with them not having any friends and school not started. Me and hubby are about tomorrow or I'm about beginning of next week if you fancy meeting up. Laura x
  11. Hi there we plan to come, can you just confirm which Saturday. Not sure if 12th or 19 th. doh thanks
  12. stelol1

    Get together

    Hi i shalll be the one wearing a red rose through my button hole. Just kidding, no doubt we shall be the ones looking hot and sweaty shouting at the kids. Kids will put on their liverpool tops. looking forward to it laura x
  13. stelol1

    Arriving Soon.

    Good luck on your adventure. Must be really hard being apart from your family but sure it will be worth it. Where are you staying Laura, ste and the boys
  14. stelol1

    Get together

    Yip my other half also coming and the kids unfortunately. we too are limited on the chair front so will bring our picnincblanket. Looking forward to it laura
  15. stelol1

    Get together

    New Year's Day fine for us too x