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  1. Hi does anyone fancy meeting at Scarborough Beach Saturday morning and maybe walking/jogging to North Beach and back.
  2. bigyin

    3 older kids new to area

    Hi I stay in Carine (NOR). I have a 14 year old who has never looked back since he started school. I can meet up with you and your gang anytime if you want for a juice or even a wee vino. :-0. I know how hard it can be I've bee here 8 months nd I am still trying to find friends.
  3. Hi there. I think I have missed the first few runs/walks as I've been on holiday. I would really love to come to the next one please can you let me know what day and time it is. Amanda :-)
  4. bigyin

    Get together

    ooops sorry Tuesday......
  5. bigyin

    Get together

    Well I hought I had chairs..not in the garage so I will bring my rug also! See you all on Wednesday. Really looking forward to it.
  6. bigyin

    Get together

    My husband is away till the 4th sadly :-(. There is lots of natural shade I have a few chairs so I will chuck them in the car. I will bring scones and shortbread. I'm a rubbish cook!! I will PM everyone my number easier then to find each other as it can get quite busy. Amanda
  7. Hi I would have loved to have came but I have something on....typical! Lorna my husband is also FIFO he's away till the 4th Jan so I'm free to meet up anytime. Been here since May and finding it really hard to meet up with people. I have a 14 year old who is far too cool to hang about with his mum!!!!
  8. bigyin

    Get together

    Does 4pm suit everyone?
  9. bigyin

    Get together

    New years day possibly if thats ok
  10. bigyin

    Get together

    For everyone. What about New Years Day or maybe next Saturday. Whatever suits I can go with the flow.
  11. bigyin

    Get together

    Hi I was thinking of arranging a get together at Trigg Beach Park in the next few days if anyone is interested. Its a nice park close to beach with BBQ areas and shaded areas. Amanda
  12. Jo sorry I'm not a Londoner we are from Glasgow. I'm 38 husband 42. If you fancy meeting up I'm not that far from you. We stay in Carine. Amanda
  13. Hi all I'm from Glasgow been here in since May would love to meet up I'm 38 husband is 42 we have a 14 year old.
  14. Hi my husband is also FIFO. Away for Christmas and New Year :-(. I can meet up today (Sunday) if anyone is intereted.I can't get my PM's on here for some reason. Amanda
  15. I would love to meet up for a run or even a power walk if it's too warm. It will be nice just to get out to chat and burn some calories at the same time. I'm in Carine but don't mind travellng to meet up. Hubbie is FIFO so have plety of time on my hands.