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  1. Hi, has anyone experienced being ripped off by car rental companies when holidaying back in the UK? We had a particularly bad experience, we're 1409.97GBP out of pocket. I tried to reason with the company (Easirent in Manchester) to no avail. I've also tried EconomyBookings who we booked through and they won't help. It seems they prey on overseas visitors as it's harder to fight back once you're out of the country. Can anyone advise if they've successfully got their money back and by what method? Thanks Nick
  2. Hi, can anyone recommend a good company for transferring AUD to the UK please? We're hoping to go back in a few months and spend it all on petrol Cheers Nick
  3. nicka4

    Shipping a few boxes from Perth to Wales UK

    Excellent tip, thanks so much, a lot cheaper by miles to some I've tried. Cheers
  4. Hi, has anyone tried to send just a few boxes back home through a shipping company, maybe share a container? We have several boxes of toys to send to our son who decided to stay in the UK. I've looked at small companies and their prices are astronomic. Thanks