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    Jobs with CKJV on the Gorgon Project

    Thanks for this Leeroy. My husband had applied for the site manager position. He has had a few more interviews and tests but not heard anything for ages now. To be honest we werent holding our breath on it. He has now got a job as a manager on the construction of Perth Airport and starts on 25th March. We are currently sitting here surrounded by boxes etc as the shipping people are coming monday to pack our stuff and we fly over from NZ on 21st. It does make me wonder though - if CKJV have had such a massive response; which no doubt they have; why do they continue to advertise for the management roles. Especially if you say that nobody has a chance of getting the positions. Anyway - it has all worked out for us, so no complaints here
  2. WelshKiwis

    20 Days and counting !!!!

    thanks guys. I have decided that the lists are making me crazy. I think I need to go with the flow for the next couple of weeks :-)
  3. WelshKiwis

    20 Days and counting !!!!

    Just thought I would hop on here and say a bit about my family and I. We are Welsh, but have been living in NZ for 6yrs. Now hubby has landed a great job in Perth so we are on the move again - this time with alot more than 2 suitcases . . . 2 kids !! Luckily we have great family living in Perth who moved there last year, and we can stay with them until we find our feet. Although we have been thinking about moving for a while, it has all happened a bit quickly, and it felt like we had a squillion things to do in no time at all. Well, things are finally starting to fall into place. Just as well, as we fly out from Auckland to Perth on 21st March. I feel like I have been making lists of lists of things to do. My husband starts work on the Perth Airport Construction on the 25th, so hopefully he won't be too jet lagged ! In the past week we have booked the flights, confirmed the shipping company, booked a house cleaner, Booked accomodation for a few nights in NZ, booked car hire in NZ (Car sold!), Sold Car, booked car hire in Perth . . . . . . . . phew !! I just want to get this ball rolling !!!! I am looking forward to getting to meet up with some on the other Poms on here for a coffee (or wine ) once we are settled.
  4. WelshKiwis

    car rental

    Bayswater are cheap !! We have just hired with Mindarie car hire. If you take hire of more than 3 weeks, the give a free airport transfer when you arrive, and the car is waiting at the house for you. Wangara Car hire is also a cheap one. I think the guy who owns / runs it is a pom, so he is used to helping those who are emigrating.
  5. WelshKiwis

    Football - Time to own up!

    Swansea . . . .fingers crossed for us today !
  6. WelshKiwis

    Any Bradford City fans?

    As a Swans Supporter I am gutted not to be on the way to Wembley with the rest of the population of Swansea. It's gonna be a great day !
  7. WelshKiwis

    Jobs with CKJV on the Gorgon Project

    Hi Parmie, my husband applied ages ago (when I started this thread). He applied for the site manager position there. He had a safety questionairre, then they asked him to do a cognitive test. We have not heard anything since. He has called them to find out what is going on, and they have advised him they are still dealing with hiring the trades and have not got around to the management roles yet. I would say, Hang in there and keep a few more irons in the fire, just in case it takes several months. Since starting all of the CKJV process, my husband has got a job with the company who have won the contract for the build / redevelopment of Perth International and Domestic Airport. We fly over from NZ in 4 weeks time for him to start. Exciting (but a tad stressful) times ahead Good Luck with everything !
  8. Have a look at glidepath, they do some of the install and maintenance at different parts of Perth and WA airports.
  9. WelshKiwis

    Jobs with CKJV on the Gorgon Project

    I think the website you have mentioned is only recruiting for CKJV - there are other companies recruiting for the Gorgon. John Holland is one of them, I also think Leighton are looking for people.
  10. WelshKiwis

    Jobs with CKJV on the Gorgon Project

    Just thought I would mention this for anyone else in the same position - my husband spoke to Chandler Mcleod last week - who are recruiting for CKJV. He completed the online tests before xmas and we havent heard anything. He is applying for a site manager / superintendent position. They advised him they are dealing with the Trade jobs at the moment and supervisory jobs are being dealt with in a few weeks. bwatt99 - we have also heard they the Wheatstone is going to be ramping up later this year, also CKJV seem to constantly be recruiting, which is good news. Do you have a visa yet or in the pipeline ??
  11. WelshKiwis

    Jobs with CKJV on the Gorgon Project

    Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. My husband applied for the position of Construction Supervisor / Site Manager. Since I wrote the post, he got through the safety questionaire and had to complete a cognitive test - which he said was quite tricky. That was a day or so ago - so due to xmas we are not expecting to hear anything for a while. We are based in Auckland, so getting a flight over to Perth for an interview is possible. We also have 2 young children, and cant wait to get over there to get stuck in. We have some family who moved there from the UK earlier this year, so it will be nice to be living near family for a change. We have been in NZ for 6 yrs now. I have my fingers crossed for the both of us. I'll keep you posted. Have a fab time in Thailand ! Emma.
  12. Hi guys, Just after a bit of feedback from anyone who has applied for work with CKJV on the Gorgon. So far my husband has submitted an online application with his CV. He recieved an email the next day advising that he had assed the first stage of the selection process and now had to complete an online 'safety' questionaire. He did this today - he said it was alot like psychometric testing he has had before. Has anyone done this ? and what is the next stage ? how long did the process take etc ? We dont need Aussie visas as we have NZ passports, so that wont be an issue. Looking forward to getting some feedback from you guys
  13. WelshKiwis

    Car On Finance

    Hi Jon our rellys arrived in Perth in March. They have bought a car on finance. They said that all the garages wanted proof of income for 3mths. They all wanted different deposits though. Suppose it depends where you go. It was the same when we moved to NZ. We needed 3mths payslips and on a $20k 6mths old car we had to pay $4k deposit. That was at a dealership. The second hand car yards were offering much lower deposits. We just wanted to get a newer ar with warranty as we know zilch about cars !
  14. WelshKiwis

    Site manager work with the big companys

    I agree from reading several threads, it seems to be who you know, not what you know in Construction. We are originally from Wales, and we moved to New Zealand 6years ago. We are now moving to Perth in March to live close to family which has recently emigrated there (thats the plan anyway !). My husband is a Site Manager. He has worked on several of the bigger jobs in NZ, and there are quite a few of his colleagues who have made the move across the ditch for the $$$$. Most of them have got their jobs by word of mouth. They also said alot of the bigger companies have their own internal recruitment team and do not advertise via Seek etc. It could be worth you contacting these directly. As with NZ, the Aussie companies seem to prefer tertiary/degree educated managers; which hubby says is something different to the UK where they seemed to put more consideration on experience / working your way up. I suppose we are lucky in that he can fly over to Perth for an interview if needed. It's still 7hrs ! but obviously closer than the UK. He is open to doing a FIFO position for a while, and he has been told these are easier to come by than positions in the CBD at the moment. I have heard FIFO is a tough life, but the $$$ is good and you could be lucky and get a decent roster. This could be something to consider for a short term. We have a friend who has recently moved to Port Hedland for a SM role. He has also moved his family there. He gets paid $3500 per week after tax . . . and the company he works for covers his rent ! Good Luck !! I am sure you will get something.
  15. Hi there - I am not sure if you have found anything yet. I have enrolled my 3yr old into Buzy Kidz in Beldon, for next year. We dont arrive until March. They offer morning sessions 8.30 - 12.30 ($28 per session) and afternoon sessions 12.45 - 3.45 ($21 per session). I am not sure if they only run in term times (forgot to ask). Give them a try. They seem to offer the most amount of hours per session. Most 3yr old kindy programmes only offer 2 1/2 hrs per session. Hope this helps :-) Emma