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  1. Skit78

    Parent migration options

    Hi thanks for your advice, we are going to see someone on Monday to have a chat. Hopefully we can get this sorted. Many thanks. Scott.
  2. My brother and I are the only children of our parents who are hoping to emigrate to Australia this year. As they were born in 1955/1956 respectively neither meets the Aged Parent age requirement. After speaking to DIAC they have said their only real options are the expensive Contributory Parent Visas as they would like to come here in July this year (so would come on a Visitor visa, then transfer to bridging visa whilst waiting for their Contributory Parent Visa). Would really appreciate any advice on this as they have their hearts set on coming out here, but I know they can’t afford the more expensive visas. I really appreciate any help/support-thanks so much! Emma and Scott
  3. Hi, my wife is a secondary school English teacher. For her it's been a great change more rewarding and has been put through all sorts of training to get her at the top. Yes she'll still has to mark a lot and this is pretty much same as back in the uk but what a great place to live in Perth. Also the term times are drifferent think ten weeks and two off I think. Hope this helps a little. Good luck
  4. Hi all, I need recommendations for pool headers to be done and quite a big area to be paved with some steps to pave. Just need a quote. I'm south Perth area. Thanks for any help. Hope I'm in the right page/forum thanks Scott.
  5. Hi all, have been in Perth now for just over two years, our house is in the process of being sold. we are wanting to buy a house over here but keep hereing story's that its not a great time to buy as property's are still a bit on the high side and will come down in the next 6months to a year. Should we wait a while or bite the Bullet. Also what's the do with auctions is this a good thing to look into ?. Thanks for any info enjoy the heat wave ??
  6. Skit78

    Gas licence.

    Hi tandb, not sure about pre lays I'm doing sani and finals but it may be worth going around some sites and looking out for pre lay plumbers and asking around, there's plenty going on. What company will he be working for?. I'm still doing he gas, just need to get me head down a bit more on the reading lol.
  7. Hi, applecross is a great area, we have just moved from kintail rd to south perth, my wife is a teacher and found it difficult to find work, and had to do adim work just to get some money coming in. Then she met some one who gave her cv to some one in a school and was phoned for one day relief teaching, and they offered her a job after that day. Have you been around to schools to hand out you're cv. Anyway we go to clancy's bar on the canning some fri/sat nights my wife's 31 and I'm 36 can always catch up for a beer or two one weekend.
  8. Skit78

    Gas licence.

    Hi Regan, thanks for the reply, that's good to know. Hopefully I can get it out the way sooner rather than later. Did you go to college to study or just study at home and go in for the tests when you were ready? Many thanks scott.
  9. Skit78

    Gas licence.

    Hi all, is anyone studying for their gas licence with Polly technic west. im in the process of reading through the Pearson book and answering the questions inside and seam to be getting nowhere fast. I've completed approx the first 300 pages but feel like I'm only taking in so much and worried when it comes to do the test, I could fail due tot not remembering all the standards etc. has anyone just sat there exam, how did you find it? And how long did it take you to pass. My brain is frazzled lol. Any help on things I could be doing to help me get through this would be great. many thanks
  10. Do you have any work going for another plumber with licence and just studying the gas now Many thank Scott.
  11. Skit78

    Plumbing tools

    Hi mark, how much are the 22 benders ? Are you giving up plumbing
  12. Hi all, anyone doing maintenance plumbing in perth for a company? and how do you find it, I'm currently doing this myself and finding most days stressful, some of the work is a bit of a pain, but calling property mangers up, quoting for jobs, driving from job to job and getting 1 hours to travel and do the job, then picking up things from plumbing shop if you don't have it on you're van, running behind most of the time, so got to call tenants up, fill out the paper work, for each job, and so on. Anyone else doing this? And how do you find it? There have been quite a few plumbers come and go so it just cannot be me thinking this is hard. Is this the norm over here?
  13. Skit78


    Watching this, as finding jobs are hard to come bye for secondary English teacher in WA, been here 6 months' wife had 8 interviews, and all said do you have WA exsperance!! How can she get this if we have just moved here, and trying her upmost to get into a school. Even with relief teaching, dropping in cvs etc, reminding them after a couple of weeks she is still here, no luck so far. Should they have put this on the skilled list if no one will give you a chance ?.
  14. Skit78

    School Teacher panic

    Hi, it is very hard for English secondary teacher at the moment, even for relief. My wife has not had a sniff of working in schools, and she has put out so many cv's and called them up just to jog memory's.