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  1. due to change of work I have the following for sale ridgid 15,20 benders,flaring tool,expanders up to 25mm 15,20 pipe slices,7kpa u gauge,$550 no offers, PM mark
  2. mark.w

    Plumbing tools

    Hi all due to new job I am selling the following.ridgid expanders,ridgid flaring block,ridgid 22 and15 mm benders 7kpa u gauge,backerach gas detector ridgid 20 to 100mm expanders digital u gauge $600 without backerach and digital gauge $1000 with all in very good condition less than a year old ideal for new plumbers call on 0410441815 thanks mark .
  3. mark.w

    Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Hi guys just a bit of info on WA gas.The gas over here run on different supply pressures depending on where you live.The new suburbs are all high pressure typically 150kpa then the older suburbs are 45kpa and in Perth 7kpa.If you live in the newer suburbs you can upgrade your household pressure from the typical 1.25kpa to 2.75kpa with a simple regulator change on the meter.This allows for you to run larger appliances on the same pipework.The storage water heaters you described run on 47mj which is why they mostly run on 15mm.The continuous flow h/w units can be over 200mj and on a 7kpa supply depending how far they are from the meter can have 32 or40mm gas runs.The reason why the regulators are fitted on all appliances is to take the possible two pressures of 1.25 or 2.75kpa and deliver a working pressure of1.13kpa which is the set pressure for all appliances.
  4. mark.w

    Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Good luck to you all as you all know its not rocket science and if you know your stuff in the UK you will have no probs the hot water units are glorified main mersea,s not a pcb in sight gas pressures are kpa but 2 kpa=20mbar so simple pipesizing is simple ventilation as well.The 2 main operating pressures are 1.25 or 2.75 kpa but all working pressures are 1.13 kpa no combi,s here just hot water units and nearly all outside and as was said you need aplumbing licence to install the hot and cold pipework and a gas llicence to connect the gas out here every gas job when completed you have to complete a NOC notice of completion form which is sent to Energy Safety who are the governing body.Your first five gas installs are checked by atco gas australia,s version of British gas and if successful you become a registered gas fitter after that they check 7% of your work.You can only insall appliances on this licence to service IE change a thermocouple you need your servicing licence which for me was 6 weeks of four nights at college.Sounds alot but as i said if you know your stuff you will have no problems good luck and after all the hoops and highs and lows it is WELL WORTH IT.
  5. mark.w

    Gas Fitter / Trades Assistant

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but at this moment in time there are no colleges/tafe/migrant gap training in perth to get your g class gas ticket.All your UK quals are no good over here and the only way to get them at this moment in time is to do a full apprentiship this is what i have been told best thing is to contact MPA skills in Maylands or Balga TAFE or Challenger in Fremantle you will need this qualification to have any chance of gasfitting work its very difficult to get a job [it took me 8 weeks] and that was with 30 years gas fitting in the uk and after three weeks full time to get my g class licence 18 months ago it cost $2000 but this has gone up due to the grant being cut.Sorry again but it is far from easy getting a start with any firm unless you know someone this is not including your plumbing licence which i think they are still doing cost approx $3000 you need them both to have any realistic chance of getting a start good luck.
  6. mark.w

    Attention all gasfitters

    I took my cert 3 gas course at challenger in freo took three weeks full time and they were good .Took my gas servicing course at mpa in maylands six weeks of nights they to were very good.The government have withdrawn subsidising coarses so mpa do not do them anymore the new cost at challenger for migrant gap course isapprox $3000 used to be half that rip off.
  7. Just a quick heads up to the increase in fees for migrant gap in plumbing the government have withdrawn funding and mpa have stopped running any plumbing and gas courses the only place that still run the courses is challenger in Fremantle the cost for the migrant gap coarse is approx $3200 plus books takes three weeks full time. I know you need to have it to work but is a lot of time and money to teach you to suck eggs the cost prior was$700
  8. mark.w

    Ford falcon

    For sale ford falcon future good runner 196000 Klm air on towbar reliable car pm me if interested $2600 ono
  9. mark.w

    Plumbing tools question please!

    Bring everything apart from benders be prepared to pay at least$1300 for Aussie tools 15 mm and 20 mum benders expanders flaring tool pipe slices u gauge etc good luck
  10. mark.w

    So many Northerners

    Must admit as being a Londoner (thankfully not any more) i have not met many southerners and i live nor all my mates here are from north of watford gap and thankfully only one man united fan:biggrin:
  11. mark.w

    So many Northerners

    As a born and bred southerner i find the gb comments a bit ott but what about Freo last night first footy game i have watched all the way through really enjoyed it...........
  12. mark.w

    Go Freo!

    When in Rome and all that but what a strange game but anyway up the dockers
  13. mark.w


    Can anyone recommend a good removal firm we are going from Mullaloo to Currembine many thanks :smile2::smile2:
  14. mark.w

    Activation visit

    I hope you have booked accomadation as it is thin on the ground at that time of year
  15. mark.w


    See redbacks on a daily basis they love gas meter boxes. They are quite formidable close up they just run for cover as soon as they see you.