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  1. I've noticed a cotton wool ball style thing under the lid of my bin and a similar item in my neighbour's bush. Is this the nest of some Aussie animal - and if so, anyone know which one?
  2. Hi everyone, we would love to come along on Wednesday and meet you all, hope we are not too late replying! It would be me, partner Ciara and daughter (7). Look forward to seeing you there (providing we can find the venue - have only been here two weeks!)
  3. Uberdogmag

    Booked it, packed it...

    We found the temp accommodation on http://www.aussiemove.com/wa/perth - got what seems like a very nice granny flat in the middle of Duncraig.
  4. Uberdogmag

    Booked it, packed it...

    Well that's us green for go. Flights booked for 20th January with Malaysian Airlines (Dublin/London/Kuala Lumpur/Perth), 20ft container booked with uPack out of Dublin, temp accommodation sorted and houses up for rent. Sh*tting it? Yes - slightly!
  5. Well - how did 'Down Under Live' go? As good as 'Top Gear Live'?
  6. Hi Moneypenny - Where's the other one? Might try and get o it as well. Looking forward to hearing about London's show.
  7. Anyone else like myself still trapped in the northern hemisphere, elbow deep in paperwork going to a 'Working Abroad' Expo? I'm looking forward to the Dublin one on 2-3 March. Am travelling down for the weekend from Belfast suitably armed with CVs - sorry - resumés, questions and €10. Anyone else interested there's info on the website at http://www.workingabroad.net/exhibitions-and-events/dublin/
  8. Uberdogmag

    best way to rent is?

    Hi - Me and my family are heading out to Perth later this year and are under the illusion that it wouldn't be that hard to find a rental. There seems to be some nice 'two up, two downs' in and around Subiaco on http://www.realestate.com.au for under $500 per week. Are these properties a myth? Do they not exist? What are we missing? Am starting to get worried now after reading this thread as we were relying on renting one of these houses.
  9. Yea thanks for that. $18 per hour to pick oranges and mangos - I'll have some of that!
  10. Uberdogmag

    Flexographic Label Printer

    Hi y'all, Been living on Seek.com.au myself this past while. I'm in a the same trade myself Bigzun, granted more at the repro end, and have been keeping a look out for jobs. I've been quite bouyed up by the amount of printing goes on in Perth and am quite confident about finding a job when we get out there in September.
  11. What do you mean 'bump on'? Repost it again?
  12. Aaaaaaaaargh! Flippin' typical! Had a feeling that it wouldn't be in Belfast as there was no official mention on their site. Looks like a wee trip to Dublin on the train then! Am a magazine/newspaper designer/manager by trade - but do all forms of design.
  13. Hi y'all, Myself, my girlfriend and daughter are all gearing up to head to Perth later on in 2013 - leaving soggy weathered, recession ridden, fleg-torn Northern Ireland behind us. I note with interest that there is a 'Work Abroad Expo' coming to Belfast in early March and am looking forward to a perusal of the wares on offer as Australia is said to be well represented - going by the blurb on the website, check it out at http://www.qualifax.ie/qf/QFPublic/?Mainsec=events&Subsec=event_details&ID=4876 Anyone out there know of anyone who'll be represented at it? We've got our visa and migration paperwork sorted - so really looking forward to talking to recruitment agencies if possible. Anyone else from Norn Iron going to be attending? No venue as yet I think, but most likely the Europa hotel I'm guessing. Rob...
  14. [h=2]Is there manual labour jobs available for the willing?[/h] Myself, my girlfriend and 6 year old daughter are heading to Perth from Northern Ireland later on this year. My girlfriend and hence daughter have Australian citizenship and my paperwork is in progress. My question is, whilst I'm waiting to get a job in my industry (newspapers, magazines and publishing) is there an abundance of manual work available to earn some money? In the past I've worked on a farm, in an abattoir, a petrol station, a bar and even a linen mill! In other words I'm not afraid of good old fashioned hard work to put food on the table whilst I'm applying for jobs within my industry. Do such jobs exist in Perth? Cheers!