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  1. I have now left Australia, I am 62 year old so can access my Super BUT Can any one shed any light on the Tax rates on accessing my Super, the ATO quotes" Taxable component - Taxed element" at 35% and " Taxable component - Untaxed element" at 45%. Does this relate to if the payments were taxed when paid. (The figures quoted are for Non WHM as I was on a 457 visa) Further to this, does SuperAnn' earn interest while held by the ATO or is the value static. Is there anyway to get in touch with the relevant department online as I am now based in the UK. They certainly do not make it easy to access your funds !!! Also if I applied for residency through my kids, balance of family etc, would I be able to claim the Residents "Tax free element" which would be the whole of my Super? Cheers, Steve.
  2. I moved back to the UK in 2016 due to being made redundant while on a 457 visa after 4 years in Aus'. My Super annuation built up in this period is now in control of the ATO & I have been unsuccessful in gaining any information from them. Can anyone advise on the following. Because I am a none resident, if withdrawn it will be taxed at 50%, can this be transferred to my son who is a resident. Does this money attract interest / growth while controlled by the ATO If I should gain residence status in the future under parent visa status will I be able to access tax free. Cheers.
  3. STEVE P

    Police record searches

    Can anyone advise the requirements for Police record searches. My son is a UK resident and applying for PR. He has been in the Merchant Navy for last 13 years and as his ship is Cayman Islands registered he has been advised by immigration agent that he requires both UK and Cayman Island Police searches. I was under the impression that it was just from Countries that you had lived in ?? (Cayman Islands also proving difficult as only correspond by mail & require USA bankers draft payment??). Advice & reference to relevant regulations appreciated.
  4. STEVE P

    Recommendations for a shipping company

    We used PSS moving to Australia in 2012, they were not too bad. We did have a couple of breakages (approx. $300 worth) but had used Insureyourmove and they paid out without much bother. We moved back this year and as we dumped most of our furniture we did not have a full container so Chose MoveCube & were not happy with performance see following Plus points Load your own MoveCube (Ply wood crate). -Peace of mind although this will not suit every one Hopefully belongings do not need to be opened & examined before they are received at destination. (This is maybe debatable as customs may access but ours seemed untouched from us packing). Similar price to a removals firm whom complete packing and supply packing materials Negative points Move cube was supplied for 90 min (not 3 hrs) as had other jobs on the day, (although this was sufficient it was rushed and we did not have time to check through the property before trailer departed, later found quite a few things which should have been packed & so had to be disposed of). Goods did not leave Australia for over seven weeks after collection. 71 - 87 days is quoted as expected delivery time but read the small print, this is from full payment which we made 4 days after collection and other exclusions. Our goods were collected on 27th May and eventually delivered on 6th Sept. Overall time of 104 days which was a long time to live out of a suitcase (91 days by Seven seas calculations!). This cost us a considerable amount as items such as clothing for a wedding which we had expected to have arrived had to be replaced. Poor communication, information not updated unless asked for. Call backs not made after regular inquiries over the period of delivery. (Excluding one assistant _Wendy in the UK). more poor communication on site inspection, not made on time - call backs not made following enquiries & eventually told we did not even need to be present after we had stayed in all morning ! Overall service was pretty poor and not really needed on top of the stress of moving around the World again.
  5. What is the interview for? we moved back 2 weeks ago after just over 4 years in Perth.
  6. STEVE P

    Flat screen TV box urgently required Perth NOR

    I was on a 457 visa with a Sh*te company, just got my 4 years in for residency (over 50) before being made redundant but statement of ongoing employment req'd & company wouldn't provide. If I start a new job 4 years resets which I did consider but not a lot of jobs going that would qualify for residency requirements.
  7. STEVE P

    Flat screen TV box urgently required Perth NOR

    Hi All, Managed to get one from K MArt yesterday, Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a Flat screen TV box in Perth NOR they need to get rid of, we are packing up to return to UK on the 29th and left one out for the 1st storms of the year. Just what we needed !
  9. STEVE P

    Moving back

    Hi Guys, how have things gone with the kids settling into UK schooling. We are heading back in May following redundancy & no sponsor to convert 457 to PR. Not a great time as my son is 16 & would finish UK schooling in June so cannot take GCSE's looking to get comparability statements for Auss' schooling results but only NARIC found who can do this to date and not having a lot of joy with these so far. Has anyone been in a similar situation. It looks like he may either have to sit GCSE's privately or do A levels at college to get recognisable qualifications for an apprenticeship. Its been an adventure but if I had to make the decision again I think I might have gone the other way knowing what I know now. To others reading this, be very wary about coming over on a 457 visa. We thought it was a good option but have now completed the 4 years required for residency (over 50 year old) and because no ongoing sponsor have no other option to gain residency. Employers basically have you over a barrel for the period !
  10. STEVE P

    Tax on Aussie Superannuation

    Hi Andrew, are you employed in the Australian financial sector, I have had another reply on my post as follows We are going back as well but our choice and on a PR Visa so slightly different. I am 57, just resigned from my employer and so I can declare that I have retired from the Aussie workforce. That way you get the super lump sum up to $180k tax free, not that I have anywhere near that amount. Anyway I had to do lots of research before I could a decision and you do have another option. If you do not desparately need the money you can leave it until you are 60 and then arrange to withdraw it then. That way the lump sum should increase and you will not be taxed on it as long as it is below that $180k threshold. Only issue is that funds will only pay out in cheque form. (Mad in this day and age and of course may change before you hit 60.) When you turn 60 all you would need to do is complete the paperwork and have the cheque sent to an Australian address. You could leave open a bank account here. Then it can be put into the Aussie bank and from that transferred back to the UK. So a bit of a hassle but there are ways to make that happen with a bit of out the box thinking. Many people all over the world have to do it now, i.e. those people who have left Oz and turn 60. Worth thinking about to save the 40%. Surprised the finance dude did not say this was an option. Do you have any knowledge on this or even where to check it out, I have spoken to the ATO & my Supper annuation company and the knowledge of the people I have dealt with is poor. I think they have basic telephone answering staff available. This is obviously a better option than 38% tax deduction !
  11. STEVE P

    Moving 16year old to oz

    we are looking to move back to UK with a 16 year old which is probably worse than your situation but as I understand it. Normal school finishes at year 12 (18 yr old) in Aussie & I believe would be accepted as A level standard. School fees are $4000 / year if on a 457 visa. After leaving school I am unsure but may be international fees as stated in earlier posts.
  12. 4 years in and it looks like redundancy will kill our chances of getting permanent residency from a 457 visa (over 50 years old before anyone asks why 4 years ?) I am now looking at accessing my super fund & going home to learn that "None residents" are taxed at 38% on withdrawing super, this is on top of the 15% tax deduction when contributing. Also advised that Australia will not allow a transfer to a British pension. I assume there will be many that are or have been in the same situation. is there anyway around being robbed blind here ?
  13. STEVE P

    Container insurance - should I shop around

    We also used insure your move, chosen as we did not have to itemize "our life" as required by PSS. We did have some damage & pay out was no problem, they did want professional assessment but I forwarded photos and adverts / prices of similar items & this was accepted. Planning to go home shortly & will probably use again (unsure about PSS) as UK side was good but Aussie side not great.
  14. STEVE P

    importing my motorbike

    Price of bikes and cars have dropped quite a lot here over the last few years, check out on Gumtree. You might be surprised. As for safer riding here, that's not how I feel, 50% of Aussies have permanent road rage & poor driving skills! but you do keep aware of your surroundings!
  15. STEVE P

    Benefits of a PR Visa?

    Do not accept 457. We are returning to UK as being made redundant after 4 years on PR (over 50 yr old) but statement of ongoing employment needed for PR & not available. We have spent 4 years living as transients, additional $4000/yr for kids schooling & glad we did not buy a house as would have to sell within 90 days. if you change jobs, clock for PR restarts which is not good in present employment market. Super is taxed at 38% to withdraw as none resident (on top of15% tax when paid in). Its not an easy move without getting screwed at every turn !